By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

I’m in the process of making a dynamic gallery of everywhere I shop online and documenting all of the coupon codes right here in one central location.

Let’s start off with one of the largest coupons available for the brands that get rave e-cigarette reviews:

Bargain For Savings With Online Coupon Shopping

Coupons are not dead. Although consumers spend less time cutting them out from newspapers than their mothers did, there are still many of them around. More competition has brought prices down so much in some areas you might not think to use coupons. Certain shops don’t accept them either, but stores that do accept those little slips of paper cash them in to the company that issued them. Keep your eyes open for coupons in the newspaper, packaging, and online.

Online Coupon Shopping

Unlike with regular shopping, money does not change hands when you search for coupons online. The internet presents opportunities to download or receive coupons and although there could be something you have to do in return, never give your credit card details.

Nothing for Free

In return for providing discounts, companies want consumers to do something for them. It could be that you “like” them on Facebook. You might have to fill out a survey. Some discounts start in paper form but lead to the computer. For instance, you see a pin code on the inside of a cereal box, log on to the website for that corporation, and this qualifies you to receive a coupon.

You don’t have to do much but the business usually ends up with your address, phone number, and/or email address. They use these details to contact you some more, certainly, but this also supplies demographics needed to help them develop advertising strategies.

Where Do Coupons Come from?

Several websites post coupons as they arise and try to remain up-to-date, removing those that are no longer valid. Advertising pays for the cost of their site. Consumers join without paying anything and then log on to access deals. Some of them have made arrangements with particular brands and constantly carry coupons for items from those brands. Others are more general or lead you to links where you find coupons.

What Do Online Coupons Look Like?

There are two types of online coupons you could be receiving. One is the printed version. Your computer must contain the same program used by that site such as the latest Java. They print out with a bar code like those scanned at a grocery store till.

Another way to get coupons is to ask for them to be mailed to you. Select the ones you want and they will come in the post. You will be expected to select a minimum number to make postage worthwhile, but they are the same as any other coupon. When redeemed, a few cents might go to charity.

Read the Small Print

Sometimes the discount applies to particular dates, definitely an end date, but possibly even a starting date. You can’t redeem them before that time. Coupons might apply only to a specific packaging size. You could be able to redeem a free product up to a certain value after which you make up the difference. Numerous coupons apply to multiple purchases: buy one, get the second free or for 50%; purchase two and get the third one free.

More than Discounts

Consumers can also sign up to freebie sites where they get the chance to receive free items. They are truly free, like tubes of toothpaste and tubs of facial cream, but only in sample sizes. To redeem them, you might fill out an online form or “like” the company on Facebook. There could be a questionnaire.

What’s in it for the Company?

Why do businesses publish ways to get free stuff and discounts? This is good advertising and surprisingly cheap. Think about the cost of a commercial: tens of thousands of dollars or more. Sending you a free sample of calcium pills is much less expensive and also works in a different way. People sometimes feel obliged to buy goods from a brand if they received something for nothing. Even if they only do it once, the firm has benefited. If you become a convert, that’s even better.

Remember the Old Ways

The internet is your number one way to find bargains, but don’t forget the old-fashioned way: cutting coupons. Brands like P&G create fliers which are slipped inside free newspapers or stuffed into mail boxes. Firms print them on packaging or slide them inside of packaging. Numerous companies take advantage of coupon books which are sold to support local charities.

If you can buy something retail, there could be a coupon for it somewhere. That applies to underwear, beer, felt pens, and soap. You could discover a coupon for chocolate, granola bars, diapers, or kitchenware. Just keep your eyes open.