21st Century Smoke

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

They might not get the hype some brands enjoy, but 21st Century Smoke is quietly entering homes around the U.S. This brand of e-cigs keeps the shopping catalogue simple.

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21stCenturySmoke.comProducts for the 21st Century

In this 21st Century Smoke review you are going to see almost everything on their list, which is not too much at all. They strike a balance between starter kits and disposables, selling two versions of each.

Their $5.99 disposable is the equivalent of about 1 pack of cigarettes in menthol or tobacco. A $7.99 disposable (and the Flavor Mist options as well) equate to roughly 2 packets. All disposable electronic cigarettes sold here have soft tops for greater comfort between your lips.

Flavor Mist e-cigs are grape, cherry, mango, blueberry, apple, and strawberry. All disposable items qualify for auto-shipment savings. Arrange to have them shipped at regular intervals and enjoy a discount on each one, though their price for disposables is really good. A lot of brands do not sell for such low prices until you find them at retail locations.

Starter Kits are available as two-battery, 6-cartridge sets, each with a wall adaptor for $39.99. That is a decent starter price. Express Kits in blister packs or “cigarette boxes” contain two cartridges each, a battery, and a wall adaptor for $22.99, which is an average price.

Vapin Plus vaporizers sold here are black eGo pens. Each $24.99 kit comes with a 650mah 5-volt battery, tank, and USB charger.

Cartridge and e-Liquid Flavors

Apart from the ones listed above, 21st Century Smoke also offers a few other flavors in their e-liquid section, such as chocolate and a cigar style by Vapin Plus. Bottles cost $7.99 for 15mls.

Cartridges are available in two formats. Order three at a time for $7.99 or six for $15.99. That works out to about $2.67 each. This is actually a little bit expensive. Each cartridge in a $12 packet of five cartridges (an average figure) amounts to $2.40 each.

The best way to save is to either order in bulk or arrange for auto-shipments. Six each month sent automatically cost 10% less, or reduce your bill by 15% for monthly shipments of 12 cartridges.

Each month a number of items are listed at sale prices. These items could include cartridges. Only three nicotine options are available to you: 1%, 1.6%, and 2%.

Where Do You Find 21st Century Smoke?

Look around the country and you will see the brand at Circle K, AC & T, Jiffy Mart, Mapco, and more. The brand, founded in Beloit Wisconsin, is sold around the country.

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