By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you thought 310Vapers was located at 310 Somewhere Street you would be wrong. They are located at a completely different address in Long Beach, California. The business was created by a pair of passionate vapers who only stock and sell items they personally use, which goes for mods, RBAs, and juices. That’s why the list is short and particular.

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There are just a handful of headings, half of them devoted to models of advanced vaping devices. Apart from new items, RBAs, e-liquid, and APVs, it is also possible to zoom in on a specific item. Select from Noble, RM, Orion, Macavelli, or Juggernaut. Once you get into a category, choose a price range to make selecting easier.

Under APVs

The bad news about stocking and selling high-end products is that they are frequently out of stock. What you will find is an extensive list, however, and possibly an alternate mod you had never considered before now. Prices for APVs start at $99 and go as high as $275.

Some models currently in the catalogue are Vapor Craze Noble 1 Hybrid or Noble 2 Hybrid and the Orion V3 by No Smoker. When you modify your search to locate a Juggernaut, Macavelli, or Noble device specifically, a few parts are included under that heading.


Rebuildable Atomizers for top-class vaping devices are notoriously pricey. Take the Surge Tank in aluminum for $99 or a Z-Atty Universal costing $139. You could buy an iTaste for that plus liquid. A Fatty v3.5 costs $115.

E-Liquid: Plus Sizes Only

310Vapers appreciates a woman with some meat on her, like the Vape Goddess 30ml bottles on sale for $12 each. Their 0% nicotine options include a honeysuckle green tea known as Lotus and Fierce, a blend of tangerine and menthol.

A Chi Chi by Vapor Craze would more fittingly be identified as a pina colada. At least that’s how it is described, but Chi Chi sounds better. Your cost is $15 for 30mls.

Split is a Potion XXIV concoction: banana split to be precise. Pay $20 for a bottle of your favorite summertime dessert (which, in California, is any time).

Know More about 310Vapers

If you want juice, building an order to $75 could be difficult. When your eye is on a mod, though, that’s no sweat. Once you overcome $75, you qualify for free shipping. On the other hand, find 310Vapers at a vape meet or see them at the store. Buy stuff in person and look after shipping yourself.