Alice in Vapeland

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Someone really likes Alice in Wonderland. She likes it so much she posts quotes and adapts quotes from the book. Some of the images on her site come straight from the pages of those iconic books (that is, the original illustrations). A number of companies play around with the themes from Alice in Wonderland and it will not do to get them mixed up.

Remember to keep Alice in Vapeland straight in your mind, especially when you discover a couple of juices you really like. If it helps, their firm is based in Albuquerque New Mexico. Email them with orders and enquiries.

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Vapeland.comNot Your Usual Vape Shop: An Alice in Vapeland Review

The Alice in Vapeland website is not a bustling place full of electronic equipment. It does not catalogue and sell long lists of e-liquid in 5 categories and 200 flavors. You receive enough choices that they can be divided somewhat. These headings are tea, fruit, chocolate, sweet, and rich vapes.

The sole reason for categorizing vape juice thus is to explain how to go about sampling the juice. Owners at Alice in Vapeland recommend using a different atomizer for each category. This way, the dominant features of a flavor do not adversely affect those of another flavor, tainting and destroying it.

Only handpicked lab employees create the liquid at Alice in Vapeland and they do not do it in big batches either. Once orders have reached capacity, the shop shuts.

Actually, once a maximum 24-hour period has ended, the online business day at Alice in Vapeland has finished. They open every Tuesday at a certain hour from 12 to 24 hours, which leaves a lot of customers shaking their heads, as though you can’t run a business this way.

Actually, that is exactly what Alice in Vapeland does and it has been a successful formula. If the formula does not work for you, Giant Vapes also carries their juice for $0.50 extra per 15mls.

The List at Alice in Vapeland

Here is what you can expect to see at Alice in Vapeland in the way of juice and pricing. A 15ml glass dropper bottle or 18ml plastic flip-top bottle will come to $11. The maximum price for a juice is listed too.

Nicotine values go as high as 2.4%. Buy a sample set for $12 featuring any five 3ml bottles.

A sample of their flavors includes Crunkberry (Captain Crunch plus berries), Twas Brillig (Blackberry Crumble), White Rabbit (not described), and Fifteen Foot Falls (fire-roasted marshmallows, graham crackers, coconut, and toasty tobacco. A cup of Black Tea features a touch of cream. Not all tastes put you in mind of a certain children’s book, but Twas Brillig, White Rabbit, and Black Tea (just by virtue of its Englishness) do the trick.

If you have any juice flavors in mind that you wish to suggest, email them to the company and they will give it some thought.

Other Products Sold at Alice in Vapeland

A beautiful vape should be dripped through a beautiful drip tip, like the unique items found here. There is an Abol, Blushing Rose, Minion, and Inca. There is the Goldrush Green Rose, Hibiscus, and Petula Dragon. Their prices start at $25 and there is nothing like them anywhere else. They are pieces of art beyond their practical virtues.

The catalogue also includes PV Bits: items designed to hold a Personal Vaporizer. These are hand-turned and hand-poured, made from acrylic by a husband-wife team. Their company is called Molehill Mountain Art. Varieties include Meringue Swirl, Grendel, Red Galaxy, and L’automne Stand. Prices start at $29 and, like the drip tips, they are boutique, unique products with no equal.

A Few Words on the Street about Alice in Vapeland

First of all, a firm that runs out of juice this fast is not a big player. Customers will not discover their unique e-liquids in many locations.

The juice, when anyone can get hold of it, does receive excellent reviews. They would have to be fantastic to survive with their unusual business formula.

When you visit a forum or review site, there are several aspects to a business that pundits and customers talk about. One is flavor: as noted, that is exquisite at Alice in Vapeland.

The next point is customer service. Does Alice in Vapeland receive top marks for this aspect of their business, and how can they if they are not there? The compromise is that when people contact Alice in Vapeland and reach employees, the response is genuine, positive, and customers would struggle to come up with anything bad to say (barring what has already been said about unusual business hours.)

This complaint leads to the lowest rating Alice in Vapeland receives: the one regarding availability. Lots of companies are plagued with stock issues, but that is only a temporary problem and not often related to e-liquid. The problem more commonly refers to electronic devices like starter kits, atomizers, Advanced Personal Vaporizers, and drip tips.

You could equate the stock issues at Alice in Vapeland with those faced by vendors of Atmistique, Atmomixani, and some other high end but low-stock mods. There are not that many around, which is why when you go to buy one, you have half a chance of being added to a waiting list. It is not like they are so cheap these goods sell out; in fact, they are expensive items made popular by limited quantities. Rarity is a big part of their desirability.

The same could be said for Alice in Vapeland. One might equate the shopping experience with waiting around a department store hours before opening on Boxing Day to be in time for major sales. It’s an exciting prospect.

And when you do get hold of a product by Alice in Vapeland, you will not be disappointed. Their selection is good for a high-end company (not 50 flavors, but not 6 either.)


The website is classy, unusual, and the idea is interesting enough to keep customers coming back to Alice in Vapeland because, at the end of the day, they won’t compromise their standards to mix more juice with the help of less-qualified staff.