Alien Visions

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The main event at Alien Visions is their e-liquid, so this Alien Visions review will focus on juice without listing every flavor they make. After all, that’s what the website is for. Consumers will also learn some details about the company and what else they sell, plus where to find them in the virtual vaping world.

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avejuice.comThe Alien Visions Website

Alien Visions carries a few items of hardware, but they do not try to be an electronic cigarette department store. Pick up a 510 portable charging case called the Mystic Box. Get 510 refillable cartridges and connectors, manual batteries, and pass-through batteries, all really cheap.

Their 510 cartomizers and dual coil cartomizers are affordable, while drip tips are sold inexpensively. A 306/510 derlin tip costs $2.40.

Examine the rewards program that encourages clients to stay with Alien Visions and not visit anyone else for drip tips, batteries, and cartridges. Points equate to discounts on purchases.

Use their blog to learn about the program, find out what sales are coming up, get the low-down on shipping policies, and to discover when an item you have waited for will return to the catalogue.

Alien Visions Offsite

Although the place to shop is the Alien Visions online store, more news is probably available via social media. Head to Alien Visions at Facebook. Here you are likely to learn when unexpected sales and scheduled events are coming up, like vaping shows featuring Alien Visions.

E-Juice by Alien Visions

Alien Visions makes and sells juices in three categories: Premium, Sweet, and Tobacco. The Premium lineup of just a few varieties is a bit more expensive that the others, and includes PG Bees Knees, Irish Cream, Dreamberries, and Christy’s Cappuccino.

Reviews so far indicate that the juice is reliable, often exceptional. In fact, if you head to a forum or three, expect to read a lot of reviews by generally satisfied customers who are mostly just peeved when Alien Visions runs out of their favorite juice or has website problems.

Christy’s Cappuccino contains a hint of cinnamon and tastes like a real cappuccino. Bees Knees will give you flue cured honey. 12mls of a Premium juice costs $8.47. Each possesses its own charms relating to throat hit, vapor production, aroma, and aftertaste.

A 6ml bottle of sweet or tobacco vapor juice costs $4.50 or $6.97 for 12ml, so it’s on the high side. It’s perfectly possible to buy American-made juice for 25% less (or thereabouts). Versions such as Gamel (Turkish/American), C&D (cowboy style), and Boba’s Bounty were made for people who continue to love the taste and smell of tobacco, even now that they don’t smoke anymore. Boba’s Bounty has a touch of sweetness to it and is one of Alien Visions’s most popular juices. In fact, Boba’s Bounty is famous among vapers.

Gorilla Juice is much like Boba’s Bounty except with some banana to it. Let it steep for the best flavor. If you try to vape it right away, reviews suggest you will not notice a difference between Gorilla Juice and Boba’s Bounty.

Sweet singles and medleys include Maple Melody, Banana Slurry, PG Chai, PG Hype (peach and melon), and PG Strawberry Cheesecake. The list is long enough to encompass many tastes, but not particularly surprising.

Also on the Menu

Not satisfied with bringing you their classic juices, Alien Visions also offers Evo Liquid for $4.55 (10mls), another popular brand carried by several vendors around the country. Try a sweet or tobacco style. Just a few of their numerous choices are Iced Banana Mint, Apricota, and Dark Chocolate. Iced Banana Mint is an unusual offering since most people do not associate mint with bananas, but the idea has been catching on elsewhere.

Some Notes about Alien Visions and Alien Visions Vapor Juice

First of all, it is important you know that Alien Visions vapor juice Premium blends are made in the United States and that they are considered a leader in the e-liquid business. If you are turning your back on overseas juice in the interests of supporting national makers and vendors, then you are in the right place.

The company sprung up as the result of a problem: not being able to find impressive e-juice. Back in 2009 this was a common issue, but Alien Visions arose to address the problem instead of whining about it.

Now they are big, but not big enough for wholesale and international orders. This could be to your advantage. If they spread themselves too thin, you would have less stock to choose from. Boba’s Bounty, already sold out often, would hardly ever be available.

Although you cannot have Alien Visions products shipped to the UK or in Europe, it is possible to buy their juice overseas from certain e-cig and e-liquid dealers.