Alt Smoke

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Alt Smoke is an all-purpose vape shop selling starter kits, liquid, RBAs, and accessories. A panel at the top of the home page scrolls through various features: an upcoming event in Lewisville in Texas, special promotions, and featured products.

I wasn’t able to find any deals for Alt Smoke, but want to offer the next best thing I could find:

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AltSmokeWhere to Find Alt Smoke

Vapers can visit Alt Smoke shops in Lexington Kentucky and Louisville Kentucky, Cincinnati, Columbus, and New Philadelphia Ohio. They will soon open another location in New York City. Business is booming. Read this Alt Smoke review to find out why and how “booming business” affects you.

Reward Points

Customers receive 2 points for every $4 spent in a recent upgrade of their rewards program. It costs nothing to register for the program; just become a customer. An affiliate program is listed, but not with much detail. Phone or email for more information.

Starter Kits

Beginners’ packages are laid out in order of their difficulty level, a great aspect of the site and helpful to uncertain customers. Beginner kits include the eGo-C, iTaste V3.0 VV/VW and others. Customers with intermediate vaping experience vape with a Zmax VV/VW or a Zmax V5. Buy a Silver Bullet, The BB, or an Innokin 134 if you are advanced. Mechanical Mods like the K100, Omega, Alpha, and Silver Bullet M are for really advanced vapers.

The onsite education section gives you some idea of what you should be purchasing and how to use it, but the chat line is another avenue to knowledge and advice.

An Unusual Find

You don’t often see a mini cig at an electronic cigarette retail site, but the Volt is here. A starter kit costs $45 and all accessories are in stock. It is an interesting choice considering available cigalike brands, but not a bad one. Its inclusion here should make you give the model your attention.

E-Cig Accessories

Every accessory you expect to find is at Alt Smoke: atomizers, batteries, cartomizers, clearomizers, RBAs, tanks, and the Kick. Check out the Clearance section for some great deals. All Genesis RBA’s were in stock when I looked plus most batteries and chargers, though not all.

Stock Issues

Stock was not bad at Alt Smoke. There were some things out of stock when I checked, like the Innokin SVD and Joye eVic, two of the most popular models around. Also, under headings for certain items (like the Omega, Zmax V5, and Innokin SVD) listings of parts were anywhere from ¼ to two fifths out of stock.

This could be a result of stock issues at the supplier’s end, or it might be lack of foresight on Alt Smoke’s side. Perhaps, being so popular, they are struggling to keep up with demand.

Whatever is happening, it is something to be aware of. Although online stock was missing, perhaps you would find the same items in one or more of the business’s physical stores.

Vapor Liquid Variety

Brands of e-liquids at Alt Smoke are eVo, Jameson’s (named Jackson Vapor on the category list for some reason), NicQuid, and Space Jam. Perfect Vapes, The Standard, Alt Liquid, and Five Pawns were also present.

With this list, you have a wide variety of prices from obscenely expensive to very affordable. Most flavor preferences are represented amid these items as well, but it’s not like some shops offering hundreds of flavors.

Jameson’s Vapor sells for $25 (30ml?) in flavors like Amelia (strawberry) and Melon Medley. The Standard’s Curious Jorge, Slo Mo (orange and cream), and Cell Block 4 (Crème Brulee) cost $22. They are expensive at Alt Smoke because they are expensive everywhere. It is not the reseller’s fault. Look anywhere and these brands are just as pricey.

Alt Liquid is priced $6.95 for 15mls: among the cheapest prices on the block. Try PG banana, black tea, 555, USA blend tobacco, French Pipe, or a menthol (there is only one). Alt Liquid flavors are limited, but they come in 0 to 24 mg of nicotine to please plenty of palates and produce lots of throat hit.

More Thoughts about Alt Liquid

I would have to say that prices Alt Smoke charges range from pretty good to excellent. You will not feel like you are being taken advantage of, but that’s because they have buying power. With a range of stores and online customers, they can afford to order big shipments which allow them to re-sell competitively.

A community poll invites consumers to have their say about products they use and e-cig questions. This adds to the notion of a vaping community, reinforced on Facebook.

There is a “recently-viewed” panel showing where your e-travels have taken you. I like this feature because you do not have to write a bunch of details down as you peruse pages. Contact is encouraged: chat online, call, Twitter, go to their Facebook page, write them a letter, or drop them an email. Alt Smoke is very professional about the way they handle business, yet also personal.