By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Why don’t vapers see the brand Atmomixani on websites more often? It could be that the products are too expensive for most customers, and they are generally sold by only boutique suppliers. Another reason is that their products are made in small batches which run out rapidly.

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You are privileged indeed if you own or have had the chance to even hold one of these Greek-made vaping devices, such as the new Steam Machine, Nemesis, or 69 Mod. If the “Nemesis” sounds familiar, that could be because you have found a clone of the device.

The Steam Machine

Even when they think a device is already great, designers always strive for innovative additions. The Steam Machine is what Atmomixani refers to as a polymorphic device. Vapers will be able to alter this rebuildable atomizer by choosing absorbent materials to adjust steam production, or by opting for a dripping format; by using mesh or a tank. The ceramic portion around its wick produces loads of steam.

The 69 Telescopic Mod

This is a mechanical device with adjustable airflow and an adjustable center pole. Buy one in stainless steel or brass. It is hand-polished, not machine finished, so each one is unique. It uses 18650, 18500, and 18350. Add a “kick” when you are in 18350 or 18500 battery mode.

The Nemesis

A variable wattage device known as the Nemesis is fittingly named: consumers are constantly at war with low stock levels. Like the 69, this one has an adjustable center pole and air holes, plus an adjustable bottom firing switch. Atmomixani wants consumers to enjoy many choices in one device.

Also from Atmomixani

When you can afford to pay for a control head (with no battery or tank) that costs more than most mod starter kits, you’re not going to blink at buying authentic drip tips. These come in 316 stainless steel, brass, and delrin.