Awesome Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Can a name like “Awesome Vapor” be trusted, or is it an empty boast? After all, shouldn’t customers be responsible for declaring the worth of a company? Yes and no: you have to toot your own horn too in this business. Otherwise, you could be swallowed up by the competition.

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From a fabulous and trusted brand that I love…they have everything vaping, from e-cigs, eGos, e-liquid, vape pens, and some pretty advanced devices if you like those.

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AwesomeVapor.comAbout Awesome Vapor

I love this introduction: Awesome Vapor was started by a guy who uses electronic cigarettes. Having been taken for a ride, he decided he’d had enough and would go into business for himself. Today he just wants to make some money while not putting anyone else through the same frustration.

That’s pretty honest and not the least bit emotional. Although stories about people trying to give up smoking for their health or because a smoker they loved died of cancer are moving, it’s also refreshing when a business person declares he wants to earn money. Why not? We all need it.

Awesome Vapor is a family business. They ask that you return defective parts to them as soon as you can. Not enough people do that. Customers complain using a forum as their medium or go to the manufacturer for a refund, but what they really need to do is take advantage of their business agreement with Awesome Vapor and receive replacements right away.

Kits from Awesome Vapor

It is worth making a point here that a kit is not always a beginners’ kit such as the kinds sold at mini cig companies (White Cloud, South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, etc.) Sometimes a product comes in kit form which means that the product is packaged with associated parts.

This could be the case with an intermediate vaping device such as the iTaste MVP 2.0 VV/VW Box Mod, which is one example of what Awesome Vapor carries in kit form. It costs $60. Their eGo 2.0ml Vivi Nova Tank Kit costs $57.

Batteries for your eGo Device

If you want batteries, this is a decent place to get them. The average intermediate vaper is using an eGo tank system. Awesome Vaper carries 350, 650, and 900mAh eGo rechargeable batteries, each with safety features, for anything from $12 to $20. You are not getting an amazing deal, but prices are fair.

A Winder Variable Voltage Battery, 1300mAh, costs $35. They also carry a 420mAh eGo-T battery with a key ring which for some people will be more convenient than a lanyard.

Replacement Cartridges, Empty and Pre-filled

There are 18 items listed under this heading, such as whistle top and blank 510/eGo cartridges. They carry Joye 510-T, pre-filled 510s (menthol and tobacco), and eGo-T Type A. Five pre-filled cartridges cost $5 whether they are 901-style (for mini cigs) or 510-T style. There are cartomizers available such as a Redux, SmokTech DCC, Protank, eVod, and Vision eGo Clearomizers ($5 each). Buy a syringe and/or needle-top bottle to fill them with from the same section.

Disposable E Cig

The Awesome Vapor disposable e-cig is a bit different from what you are probably expecting, which is why it costs $10. Don’t be put off. Instead of a single one-time use unit, it’s really a short-term rechargeable kit with two cartridges and a USB charger. It won’t last, but that’s good value. Usually, these are sold by big companies for $15 to $30 and an appropriate time to use the word “awesome.”

Drip Tips and More

Ming drip tips cost $5; metallic drip tips are $3 each. Under atomizers, Awesome Vapor sells 9 items. They include a Leo Atomizer for $12, Joye 510-T version for $10, plus other ten-dollar atomizers such as a Smok 510/eGo version. Again, prices are fine if not exceptional.

Among accessories they offer a shorty cone adapter or an extender, each for $4. The Koozies ($3) for holding electronic cigs look interesting but I’m not sure what they’re supposed to be. An eGo cone is $1; car adapters are $7; and a black vinyl electronic cigarette case is sold for $9. There were no other cases. That was disappointing, but cases are not electronic gear. The site focuses on selling hardware, not things like lanyards or skins.

Awesome Vapor Review: Juice

Awesome Vapor juices are all suspended in a propylene glycol base and cost $8 for 18mls. Every order comes with a 3ml sample bottle. Among their 54 juices there was a Georgia Peach Cobbler, Orange, Cuban Cigar, and Nutty Tobacco Blend. That Georgia Peach Cobbler sounds interesting and a little different. Some basic flavors include rum and the obvious fruits, but Cake Batter could make for a wonderful blending flavor.

Sample sets (10x3mls) are priced $17. There are seven options such as Custom, Tobacco, Fruit, Beverages, and Desserts. You can buy unflavored propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin if you think you have something different up your sleeve.

Organic vapes (26 of them) come from Vaperite. The 3ml sample bottle is thrown in as usual. Try Dew Drop (like Mountain Dew, but you won’t break out in zits), Rou’s Hazelnut Tobacco, Handmade Peppermint, and VR-4 (a version of RY4).

Shipping and More

Shipping arrangements at Awesome Vapor are very simple. If you buy $80 worth of stuff or more, it is free. Otherwise, domestic parcels cost $5 to ship. It doesn’t get much simpler.

The site features a blog, some tips about vaping, and other information. It is a well-organized website with the number of items under a heading noted. There isn’t a huge selection of stuff to look at, but enough. Awesome Vapor is located in Cumming, Georgia.