Banzai Vapors

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The menu of e juices at Banzai Vapors started small: just ten varieties. Joe and Brandon did not want to overwhelm anyone with too much choice, but this team from Tacoma, Washington, was just warming up when they wrote that. They now offer 21 Banzai Blends, 2 High-vegetable glycerin dripping juices, a Dynasty Edition (50/50) rendition of several 70/30 Banzai Blends (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin), and the True Collection (20+). Learn more in this Banzai Vapors review.

BanzaiVapors.comHigh Quality Products

Joe and Brandon pride themselves on making excellent products in their own lab. Their purpose is to provide ex-smokers with an alternative to the flavors of smoking, but not to provide authentic analog styles. As Brandon puts it, why go looking for the taste of “arsenic and burnt paper?”

You can have so much more and better. They don’t use colors or additives: juices don’t have to look good to fool you into believing they should taste wonderful. Every flavor has to get past each member of the Banzai team to wind up on their menu.

Banzai Blends

A bottle from the Banzai Blends section costs $9.99 and measures 15 ml. There is Buddha Berry: a smoothie blended with blackberries and blueberries. Futterbinger tastes a lot like a certain candy bar. Star Spangled Banner is their patriot juice: blueberry, strawberry, and banana. Select Twinkin’ of You if you miss that delectable high-calorie cream-filled cake your doctor said was going to kill you someday if cigarettes didn’t get you first.

Gu-Kake supplies cake with frosting minus fat and sugar. Why So Serious tastes like candied grape, or powdered grape (like a drink mix). You will love Chocolate Chimp if your favorite sandwiches were always sweetened with banana, enriched by peanut butter, and given the added dimension of chocolate sprinkles.

Get your energy-drink fix without caffeine by vaping Monstrosity. Another drink style is Radberry: raspberry and citrus soda on ice.

Try Ronin’s Reserve for a RY4-style sweet tobacco. Another sweet tobacco is Shogun’s Legacy. Scorpion is their slightly rough toffee tobacco; the Banzai Vapors signature flavor.

Dynasty Juices

These 30-ml bottles for $19.99 simply change the ratio from 70/30 to 50/50 and come in 5 of the Banzai Blends flavors. There is Gu-Kake, Star Spangled Banner, Bite Me, Why So Serious, and Wondermelon.

True Collection

Named for their simple flavor profiles, the True Collection costs $7.99 for 10 ml and contains up to 2.4% nicotine. Try Boston Cream Pie, Chocolate Glazed Donut, Cucumber Melon, Guava, Pineapple, Red Tobacco, Peanut Butter, or Menthol. There are loads more, all of them ready for mixing with one another. Their labels (small and large letters inside a square) make them look like elements on the periodic table: an amusing touch.

Dripping Juice

There are only two blends in the high-vegetable glycerin category so far. Batt Country is not described: try it and figure out the flavor. You will taste caramel and milk in Milk Plus. Pay $19.99 for 30 ml and up to 1.8% nicotine.

Banzai Vapors BBBBBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau seems to think highly of Banzai Blends. At least they haven’t met with resistance from the company when seeking information and there are no complaints listed so far. It’s a young business, so watch Joe and Brandon’s rating climb from A- to A and finally A+. They only have to keep up the good work.

Where to Buy Banzai Blends

Banzai Blends is sold online at the Banzai Blends website. They want to open a shop and maybe one day these two best friends and ex-smokers will put the capital together to introduce themselves personally to the Tacoma vaping community. Until then, look to Zamplebox and a variety of online e cig companies choosing to sell only highly-regarded products.

Customers Have their Say

Most reviews for Banzai Blends tell a happy story. They are accurately named and well blended. One customer favorite is Gu-Kake, but their SubZero has great vapor and a solid taste. Only one has stood out in a negative way: Breakfast Blend. Maybe Joe and Brandon were a little too ambitious with this one because it combines Belgian waffles with maple syrup and a note of bacon. Apparently, it’s great for a little while but the flavor is awful after a period of time. As always, taste is subjective. Obviously the gang at Banzai Vapors thought this one would fly owing to their policy of only selling items the team enjoyed.

Prospects for Banzai Vapors

Banzai Vapors has a lot going for it. They are based in the Pacific Northwest, providing them with a regional fan base where there isn’t the glut of e juice vendors seen in Southern California. Their menu meanders through most styles: drinks, candies, fruits, tobaccos, and menthol types. I’m only missing coffee here so that’s probably not a favorite of theirs.

Prices at Banzai Vapors are very competitive, so when customers receive a bottle from Zamplebox and decide they like it, they know where to go for reasonable prices and high quality. Signing up with Zamplebox was a good move; a stroke of advertising wisdom. Banzai Vapors has been operating for a little longer than most e juice vendors so they’ve settled in for the long haul.