Bedford Slims

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Bedford Slims is known for its artistic-looking electronic cigarettes, designed by local artists (Brooklyn). Starter packages are affordable, but selection is pretty slim here. You’ll be hanging around for the sake of style.


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The Vapourette Starter System comes with a battery in stainless steel, black plaid, or gold with five cartridges. You also receive the USB charger and AC wall adaptor. The price is $39, which is not bad when you compare this with basic sets of a similar set up, often costing $10 more.

Four flavors are all they have to offer: dark roast, tobacco, menthol, and clove in just three strengths. Select 0, 12mg, or 24mg of nicotine. Switching through these will require some serious will power as those jumps of 12mg at a time are like the Grand Canyon to some smokers. The two battery system costs $10 more. That’s it for starter kits, but it’s all you require to begin vaping.

U.S.-Crafted Cartomizer Flavors

The latest flavors from Bedford Slims are small batch flavors, four of them. Try Root (as in Root Beer), Hi Menthol, Turkish Cut, or Southern Tobacco (buttery and honeyed according to their description). These are limited addition options so get them while they last. These flavors (in 26, 12, and zero milligrams of nicotine per milliliter) and the other four noted above are priced $13 for five.

Bedford Slims says these are bigger than the competitors’ cartridges. If so, the price is even better than it looks. As things stand, $13 is average but not wonderful, especially with such a small selection of options.

Bedford Slims Accessories

If you want accessories for your electronic cigarette, be prepared for disappointment. There is not much to see. Batteries cost $10, as do the wall adaptor and USB charger. A carry case with the mustache logo (very cheeky and distinctive) costs $14. Buy a single rechargeable electronic cigarette for $12.

Mostly, people who buy these products love their carton design, the little mustache, and their art-series batteries.

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