By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

It might be the funniest name in the e-cig industry, but Bloog will have the last laugh. This e-cig brand is climbing charts, impressing pundits, making vapers happy, and holding strong. Read this Bloog review to find out what makes it click.

bloog.com808 Starter Kits

Bloog offers one-battery and two-battery kits, minis and eGos, each with classic 808 threading. You can use this threading with many other devices.

Your best buy among minis is a $49.99 starter kit with two batteries, 5 cartomizers, and two chargers. A kit worth $10, the Deluxe Aurora, is a gorgeous rendition of the Aurora Borealis.

650 kits are so-called because their batteries contain 650mAh. Average e-cig batteries are less than 200mAh.

Hi-Viz Clearos ($6.99 each) replace the ones in an eGo kit when they crack or taint your vape.

510 kits and accessories are threaded for 510-compatibility. They include 650mAh kits, batteries, and clearomizers. I appreciate this style of product labeling, which tells me whether my old e-cigs will work with one of Bloog’s.

Bloog Cartomizers

A cartomizer is an atomized cartridge with the atomizer is fitted into the cartridge. Among 19 flavors of cartomizers (sold in 5-packs for $10.99) are Bloogberry, Havana Select, Last Straw (Turkish/European Tobacco), Apple, and Cherry. A pack of blanks costs $9.99.


Viquid is apparently the first pharmacy-grade e-liquid. Their lab is FDA-approved and ingredients meet USP standards. Try a 30ml bottle for $14.95 in one of four flavors such as a sweet-tart berry (Pomona) or Dulcis (sweet caramel tobacco).

Imported Bloog liquid (10mls for $5.95) includes Mingo with banana and chocolate flavors, Spice a.k.a. cinnamon, and Sweet Lew which mimics a cherry cigar.


First, you might want to just look at the Bloog logo for a moment. It is bold, minimal, and eye-catching: just a multi-pointed star or flower in the middle of a circle against white.

Secondly, consider price points. Bloog covers the range pretty well whether you are approaching vaping from a newbie standpoint or as an intermediate vaper. Packages are not too big and full of gimmicks. Buy a lanyard separately instead of paying $5 more for a kit.

If this really is the first FDA-approved facility, it is not the last. But it does not matter. The fact is that there are stringent guidelines to ensure you e-liquid is properly tested and ready for human consumption. Bottled flavors could do with a boost, but there are some gems even so.