Blu Cigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

How is Blu Cigs managing to stay so high on the review charts with companies like Cigavette, Halo, and Volcano just a sample of their competition? They have to work hard to stay near the top and make good on their claim that Blu Cigs is the top seller. Maybe they are not really the tops anymore, but when you read a Blu Cigs review, it is often compared with other cigs and comes out the winner.


Visiting the Blu Cigs website was like being sent in circles. It was a labyrinth. I would strongly suggest Blucigs reorganizes their starter kit section.

One of them leads to a store link where I could find out which stores carry them, but not what is inside or how much they cost. Other starter kits were a little easier to learn more about, but still: it was like mental exercise just trying to learn some basic facts.

Supposedly there is an original starter kit. What’s that? There was no explanation. Even trying to find out what a Blu Cig Premium 100 is supposed to be was not as easy as it should be. Is this an intelligence test? If so, I failed.

Starter Packs (from what I can see)

The Premium starter kit costs $79.95 and is available in white or black. It comes with a PCC with a social feature. The light above the “I” in “cig” lights up if someone else nearby is using a Blu Cig. That’s fun, and it’s a charging kit too. You can’t go wrong no matter how you look at it. The kit also comes with two rechargeable batteries, an AC adaptor, USB charger, and 5 cartridges.

The Premium 100 starter kit is $10 more, comes in black only, and is exactly the same but for one thing: cartridges and batteries are bigger.

Cartridges from Blu Cig

Johnson Creek American-made e-juice supplies liquids for Blu Cig cartomizers (atomized cartridges). The juice comes in zero, low (6 to 8mg nicotine per/ml), medium (9 to 12mg), and high (13 to 16mg). Their “high” is pretty low: 18mg is the usual rating for regular ecigs with 24mg considered high.

Flavors are relatively few with a single tobacco option, one menthol, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, and Peach Schnapps. That makes 7 flavors: not a whole lot, even for a mini cig. South Beach Smoke is currently selling 16 while Volcano ecigs sells a really wide range, and both of these also sell American-made e-liquid in bottles and/or cartos. Blu Cigs sells their cartridges for $12 or $13 each (the latter for 100s). That’s a fair price in the market, but nothing exceptional.

Multiple purchases bring the price down. Premium cartomizers are black or tan. 100s are just black.


Then we come to Blucig disposables which, I’m afraid, are simply expensive. Not only are you forced to purchase them in packs of 4 but they cost $39.95 for the pack. $10 each is not a good price, especially in a bulk format.

Blu Cig Accessories

Visiting this site, I thank my lucky stars for having seen lots of other sites before this one. They certainly charge brand prices, like $12.95 for one regular battery, or a wall adaptor, or a USB. I won’t be bookmarking this section.

An original portable charging case is $12.95: that’s more like it. Buy one in white or black and it carries up to 5 original cartomizers and one battery. It’s pretty small. The Premium Pack is $30 but holds up to 5 cartomizers and a spare battery but also has social features. The interior is lined with Santoprene, a hygienic and durable material.

The “More” Section

Just as I was giving up on the Blucigs website for its lack of selection, I looked under “more” and found lots of stuff. They sell loads of disposable e-cigs in a bunch of flavors for lower prices. The Original Starter Kit appears to be listed under this heading with its cartridges, but I was confused.

The business should be far clearer about what I am looking at. Maybe if I knew more about the evolution of Blucigs, I would understand the difference between versions, but I don’t; thus, the strange pricing is a mystery, and why are these listed in such an odd place? I might never have found them but for my tenacity as a reviewer.

Affiliates at Blu Cigs

At least affiliate marketers know the product well enough to explain it to curious website visitors and people they know. Instead of a commission percentage, Blu Cigs lists the money you will make in real terms. Sales of starter kits yield $20 each. Cartridge sales provide $1 a time.

It might not seem like much, but the average e-cig user (going through a pack a day) gets through 7 cartridges each week. That amounts to 35 in five weeks, or 7 cartridge packs.

You just made $7 plus the $20 from any starter kits you sold, plus the $7 multiplied by however many shoppers are linked to your affiliate tracking number. It doesn’t take much and you could become one of the featured affiliates shown on Blu Cigs.

They are different though, putting extra effort into writing their blogs and using marketing tools. These individuals understand how affiliate marketing works, not just how Blu Cigs or e-cigs work.


Thanks to positive reviews and a celebrity poster child, Blu Cigs is sold by retailers all across the United States. You don’t even have to shop online.