Carolina Vapes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Carolina Vapes is a U.S based electronic cigarette company. Carolina Vapes, which is located in Grover, NC, offers a diverse range of ecig products of different ecig brands and other related products.

You can easily find a wide range of ecig brands at Carolina Vapes including Vision, Kanger, Panasonic, SLB, Aspire, BOGE and various others. Along with branded ecigs, Carolina Vapes offers advanced personal vaporizers, drip tips, atomizers, modding DIY, accessories, eliquid, PV adapters, tanks, replacement coils among other ecig products.

While the variety in ecig hardware is huge at Carolina Vapes, the variety in eliquid is very select. Carolina Vapes offers six different kinds of eliquid including LIQUA original smoke juice (in two different bottle sizes), RY Not, Cherry LemonDrop, Blackberry Lemonade and Winter Melon for a starting price of $4.99.

Carolina Vapes offers a few items on resale and sales; therefore, users who want to buy the products at the lowest prices get their choice of item in sales. Carolina Vapes also offers its own range of starter kits that include Joyetech, Ritchy ERA, Innokin iTaste and other starter level and advanced ecig devices. More information regarding Carolina Vapes can be obtained from the company’s website.