Caterpillar Vapes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The top name at Caterpillar, if you were talking about number of products, would be Hangsen. Caterpillar Vapes sells a ton of their flavors, including some new and unusual ones. Their catalogue is also designed to satisfy early vapers or those who used to be satisfied with smokeless cigarettes but felt compelled to try tanks. They will never turn back.

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CaterpillarVapes.comCaterpillar Vapes Review

Caterpillar Vapes sells tanks, batteries, APVs, mods, and starter kits. A PCC kit is $15.97, or the disposable mini kit with two cartomizers, a battery, and the USB charger is also available.

The Innokin A10 510 Classic for $44.99 comes in black or silver and features a charging case. Also in the kit are three cartomizers, a 190mAh battery, and a pouch. When assembled, these products all resemble traditional cigarettes.

Ego kits start at $19.99 and reach $54.99. Your price depends on the battery size, number of batteries and tanks, and tank size. You generally receive a generic eGo case and a good deal at Caterpillar Vapes. Ego kits satisfy the second level of vaper.

An Innokin iTaste VV 3.0 kit is an advanced player. Users with one of these attractive items must be prepared to alter voltage and know why. This one is $39.89, but a Vamo V5 VV/VW Mod is $64.99. It is a more intimidating-looking device.

Filling Station

Cartomizers by Boge are the standard and you will find them here, undercutting many competitors just a little at 5 for $4.49. Clearomizers like the Innokin DCC iClear in regular and designer colors start at $5.99, while a CE4 V2 RBC is $4.49.

More expensive Clearomizers such as the Innokin iClear 30 DCC at $10.99 and iClear clearomizer tank for $12.99 are ideal for big batteries and long vaping sessions.

E-Liquid by Hangsen at Caterpillar Vapes

Hangsen supplies inexpensive e-liquid: 10mls for $2.99. The brand is also known for carrying a huge assortment of flavors, some of which automatically suggest themselves for blends in your home lab. Ketchup and Hot Dog come to mind.

Also on the Hangsen horizon are Australian Chocolate and Cinnamon Bread. Select Fennel to be different, or Glace Fruit to remind you of a Christmas fruitcake. Try Blackcurrant or Cocoa Bean, each a dark kind of sweet. Nicotine ratios are 0, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, or 2.4% at the highest.