By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Starter kits at Cigavette are tempting products, especially as they are neatly divided into 3 categories. The first ones are called kits, but the other two are “sets.” They are all beginners’ packages featuring a battery or two, cartridges, and charging equipment. Find out more by reading this Cigavette review.


For $24.95, you can own a kit with one battery, two cartridges in 0 to 24mg nicotine values per/ml, and a USB charger. Not only is $24.95 undercutting much of the competition (though not all), but this kit comes with an attractive cigarette-pack case of black with colored trim. It is only available in menthol or tobacco, but so are most packages of this kind.

Sets for the Premiere device come with two batteries each. The Standard ($49.95) contains 6 cartridges, but the Super ($69.95) carries 11. Both sets hold 4.2volt batteries, 180 and 280mAh.

Batteries are available in white, black, or stainless with red, orange, or blue LED lights. Cartridges come in black or traditional (like a real cigarette). You receive a carry case, but also a car adaptor with the Super. Of course, your package contains the AC adaptor and USB charger too.

VIP Go Kits arrive with bigger batteries: two 650mAh versions with the Ultra, but two 1300mAh batteries in a Mega Kit. Stainless steel on the outside, their LED lights can be orange, blue, or buy one of each. Cartridges are black or stainless.

Also included are 10 premium cartridges (bigger than Premier cartridges) or Mega cartridges (bigger still). A velvet case holds it all tidily together, USB, wall adaptor, cartridge cover, and all. The Ultra costs $79.95, while a Mega costs $20 more.


Pay $15.95 for medium-sized cartridges (5 in a pack) or $24.95 for the set of Mega cartridges. Regular cartridges are available too for $12.95 or $24.95 to buy 10. Only tobacco, menthol, and tobacco light are available.


Sweet options are categorized separately as E-Hookahs containing 11mg of nicotine. Each one costs $8.95. Order a Strawberry Daiquiri, Choclatini, Berrylicious, Watermelon Cooler, Peach Bellini, or Vanilla Bean.

The PCC is here for $24.95, but that is the small one. A large PCC comes in several colors and costs $49.95.