By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

A lot of consumers experience terrible customer service. As such, when they share their views, this gives the whole industry a bad name. Individuals do not want to risk losing their money to a con-artist or arguing about warranties and guarantees when they thought the customer was always right.

Even with certain guarantees listed, there continues to be misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and rudeness from customer service agents in person, over the phone, and online. Fortunately, these are not the norm; certainly not at Cignot.

Cignot.comCignot Review: Excellent Service

The majority of consumers who have dealt with Cignot are not just happy with customer service; the company glows. Agents take pride in treating customers fairly, but more than that: they go over the top in their aims to please. You will read this again and again.

Cignot deals in starter kits, clearomizers, and Joyetech Juice. They still sell Ecopure e-liquid but it has been discontinued. In its place, choose a Joyetech propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, 10mls for $6.50 or 20mls for $12. Each volume and nicotine level is listed for each flavor as a separate item, which is a bit confusing, but you will get used to that.


Cignot prefers Joyetech kits and electronics above all else. They carry the eRoll for $67 with a PCC, changeable atomizer, atomizer cone, two 90mAh batteries, three empty tanks, two atomizer heads, and a USB cord. Watch a Joye basic 510 video and buy the kit. Without a box, you pay $35 for 2 complete 510 e-cigs and more. The 510 single-battery kit with a PCC is $45.

More Brands

Cignot also carries the Provari. They sell Vision eGo Stardust Clearomizers. These $5 items are available in various colors and resistance levels.

For 510 tanks, you need 510 drip tips. Buy yours at Cignot for $2.50.


As noted above, this is the place to enjoy quality customer service. You will like price and selection, especially as a new vaper. Order products online where shipping is fixed at $5 until you hit $59 when it’s free.

Buy products in person too. Cignot is located in Elmhurst, Indiana.