By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Apparently, Cigtechs stores are good all-purpose stores for vapers at various levels. That is not the picture you get from their website. Here they seem to love their mods, especially Tatroe. Maybe a Cigtechs review will make everything clearer.

Cigtechs.comTwo Shops

The original Cigtechs shop is located in Hanover Park in Illinois, and they just opened one in Algonquin. Physical stores can sell more items or offer a limited selection compared to their online location. It’s all up to the owner.

These stores generally create a good impression, the Algonquin one especially. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Try a selection of new flavors before deciding which ones to buy. That’s a sales strategy that takes a lot of people by surprise the first time they enter a vape store.

Expect them to understand how vaping equipment works so well they can take your device apart, help you rebuild an RBA, and give you ideas for the next model you should be ready to use successfully.

Online Sales by Cigtechs

Their website carries liquid by Ripple Effects, Evo, and Scott. They offer a DZined Mod by Chi You for $95 and matching curved or straight tanks in a few colors ($54.99). Their Evod batteries in several shades cost $24.99, while the kit is $64.99.

Tatroe is the favorite here: their Big Nasty is offered as a pre-order for $139.99. A Brass Long Tip by Tatroe ($9.99) and a Tatroe end cap for their Evic costing $36.99 are up for grabs. You can buy an iPhone Vape Case or MVP 2.0. RBA materials like ribbon wire, silica wick, AWG30, 28 etc, and stainless-steel mesh are all online.

So far you are looking at mostly high-end, high-cost items, all of them authentic models. Many e-cig web-dealers carry clones.

Go to Cigtechs’ Top Sellers section to find out what trends are hot in the business right now. Visit their New Releases section and be among the first to order new products.