Clean Smoke

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Clean Smoke deals in all kinds of electronic cigarette liquids. Their product list mostly consists of eliquids but they also give out ecig starter kits. Most of these ecig starter kits are generic in nature but are not mainstream. By mainstream, we mean the mini style ecigs that are commonly found today on the internet and in retail shops. If you are a mature user of ecigs, you will find an Ego style ecig that is great for testing out their flavors.

The flavors listed on Clean Smoke are very generic in nature and taste. You won’t find wild combinations like apple and raspberry pie, instead all you will find is a list of very common flavors. This list includes flavors like menthol, tobacco, mint, chocolate and many more.

Clean Smoke Discount Codes 2014

Clean Smoke produces all their ecigs in controlled labs inside the U.S. This means that you are bound to find high quality stuff no matter which flavor you pick. Most of their flavors are made with a consistency percentage of 75 and 20 PG/VG. This ensures a good throat hit but the vapor density is quite low. Each bottle costs $7.99 for 10ml. There is no free shipping offered on orders below $39.