Crown Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Crown Vape is a USA based ecig company that offers its products on its online store. Available at Crown Vape are ecig devices, parts and upgrades and eliquid.

Starter Kits

Crown Vape offers three different starter kits; the Ecig Starter Kit with black battery, the Ecig starter kit with White battery (both are priced at $12.99) and the Mini BCC starter kit.

Ecig Parts And Accessories

Also available at Crown Vape are ecig parts and accessories. While the products at Crown Vape are marked by affordability, the variety is severely limited. Users can however find drip tips, chargers, tanks, clearomizers, cases and accessories at affordable prices at Crown Vape.

Electronic Liquid

The eliquid at Crown Vape has been manufactured in approved facilities. The eliquid contains only US sourced ingredients and is manufactured in Redondo Beach, CA. The eliquid contains high grade, all natural and USP/Kosher certified ingredients. Users can get the liquid in 2 nicotine strengths (6mg and 18mg) and in the following flavors; The Standard Cell Block Four, Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice, Strawberry Lemonade, Pine Double App and many more.

Crown Vape’s products can be ordered and purchased from the company’s website. The company offers free shipping on all US orders that are above $50.