Da Buddha Vaporizer

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Before there was the Silver Surfer, 7th Floor released the Da Buddha tabletop vaporizer. The two models share some common traits, being direct-draw, mains-powered machines with a base and cone, but the Silver Surfer vaporizer is more agile and pricier too.

Many consumers prefer to save $70 to $100 and buy an Silver Surfer vaporizer, but its precursor has plenty of good things going for it. In this Da Buddha Vaporizer review, you can see for yourself the pros and cons and weigh them up against your priorities.

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Da Buddha VaporizerDa Buddha External Design

There are just two color choices: black or silver. Both are engraved with a fat Buddha; neither can be further engraved or finished in a different color. Its aluminum structure is solid enough and withstands regular wear and tear, but aluminum is light too. You won’t be straining to carry your vaporizer between rooms or to lug it from home to a vacation destination. The Da Buddha doesn’t become too hot to touch and excellent cooling properties keep users safe.

Parts are made partly in the US, partly abroad, but designed and assembled in the United States. The cone sits upright on its base.

A lot of people prefer the tilted-back Silver Surfer vaporizer cone. There is also an audience for their customization features: multiple engravings against several possible colors. A Da Buddha can’t compete with that: it is functional, not fancy.

Internal Elements

The heating chamber is made from ceramics, considered a good heat insulator and notable for even distribution of heat around consumers’ herbs. Air flow is set apart from electronics so as to prevent the uptake of fumes from other materials.

Extras in the Package

Customers can order the package as is or upgrade for additional money. Regular voltage is 110V but choose a higher value if you are an international customer or ordering the Da Buddha to send as a gift to someone in Australia or England. Select pieces hand-made from glass such as a colored wand in blue or green. Elect to own an oil or herb kit. The oil kit comes with a clear wand only. The whip kit is more expensive than a ground-glass bundle. You might want to order more than one wand because they are brittle. Customers have often broken them before even being able to vape with their new machine.

A Vapor Tamer runs vapor through a coil in a glass vessel which resembles a compact fluorescent light bulb. By the time it reaches the user’s mouth, vapor is cooler, smoother tasting, and generally more flavorful than if you sucked it straight up without cooling. The tamer costs $109.99 or $119.99. A protective bag in red, brown, or tank is priced $25.

Without Extras

Buy the Da Buddha ground glass system without extras and you will pay between $160 and $190 for it. This depends on where you shop: with 7th Floor or from a reputable, authorized dealer. The front dial is also your on/off switch; a simple little piece not accompanied by a screen.

All you do is plug in the Da Buddha, turn it on, and select a temperature. It is true that, with extra accessories, this device can cost well over $400, but without extras the Da Buddha vaporizer is an affordable product, even attractive for those who like the clean look of metal without embellishment.

Filling the Da Buddha

If you own this model, you will have noticed that sometimes filling is difficult. Herbs want to drop out of their chamber into the heating element. This causes burning which affects how your vapor tastes and smells. You know what happens to the air where something you cooked was left to burn: everything tastes like burnt food (rice, pasta, potatoes, or whatever) for days afterwards, even if it isn’t cooked in that pot. Consumers and reviewers find this a frustrating feature of the original; one motivation for buying the Silver Surfer instead. By positioning the Silver Surfer vaporizer cone diagonally, 7th Floor prevents this kind of accident from happening and enables consumers to fill the chamber with more herbs each time.

Pass on Ground Glass

The Silver Surfer allows vapers to opt for ground glass or a whip system; they can order both and switch around. Vapers using the Da Buddha vaporizer can only use ground glass. On the one hand this is a great feature for someone who vapes and does other things simultaneously like reading, writing, or crocheting. Vapers who prefer to hold the wand and be able to stir their vapor without hassle don’t like ground glass. The Da Buddha vaporizer by 7th Floor will sometimes burn herbs so you can’t leave it unattended or lose concentration. Vapers have to stay alert.


Colorado’s 7th Floor has an excellent reputation which has encouraged vaporizer re-sellers to carry their products among other brands like Storz & Bickel, Vapir, Arizer, and others. You won’t have any trouble finding one of these with an authorized distributor, and 7th Floor also sells directly.

Accounts from happy customers suggest theirs is an excellent company to do business with: responsive and accurate. Many excellent reviews also point out that in spite of its flaws, the Da Buddha has lots going for it. If you want a good starting point, this is a simple, user-friendly model. Get the hang of it and upgrade to the Silver Surfer vaporizer later.