Davinci Ascent

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

At $249.99, Karma Classic’s second vaporizer is about $50 more expensive than the Davinci, but it is $50 better too. Going on looks alone, consumers can imagine how much attention has been paid to building a better vaporizer. Looks aren’t everything, but Karma Classic delved beneath appearances to make further improvements.

Davinci AscentThe Ascent’s Closest Rival

The Davinci Ascent will put you in mind of another portable vaporizer: the Firefly. Price tags are about the same; they are roughly the same size. Both the Ascent and the Firefly resemble other handheld devices, like Smart Phones. The Firefly uses a glass airway just like the Ascent does. Use the following Davinci Ascent vaporizer review to explore the characteristics they share and where similarities end.

Lovely LED Screen

Don’t you love being able to see how much power you have? The LED screen on your Davinci Ascent shows the temperature of your device so you know when to puff. Set the temperature using digital controls. Values come up in numbers above a thermometer symbol.

Glass on Glass

A Davinci Ascent uses a glass-on-glass pathway: even the straw is made of glass. The Firefly uses a wide but short metal mouthpiece, so its delivery is metal on glass. There are pros and cons to using so much glass, particularly the risk of breaking the straw, but metal is not a neutral conveyor of vapor. Glass is considered a better material for producing untainted flavor.

Surface Looks

The Ascent and the Firefly are elegant items. You could see yourself using one in a boardroom or giving a vaporizer like this to a corporate associate at Christmas; perhaps to the boss for his birthday. You would choose the Burl Wood option, perhaps carbon fiber, or perhaps stealth (black). The Firefly comes in sleek black, silver, or red.

If that sounds stuffy, Davinci proposes an idea: choose a fun outer shell more in keeping with your colorful personality. For $50 more, you could choose snake skin, bamboo, purple granite, green granite, cute skulls, or pink camo. Wood grain and other subtle patterns are also available.

Inside the Ascent

Down deep in your portable vaporizer there is an oven that heats oils or botanicals. This ceramic oven creates great tasting vapor. To fill your vaporizer, just swivel out the bottom portion and add herbs or an oil container to the compartment you reveal there. Since it swivels out, you gain full access to it for filling and cleaning.

Cleaning the Ascent

The glass tubes and oven are all easy to clean. You receive some cleaning tools with the Ascent besides two oil jars, a carry pouch, screens, a charger, two mouthpieces, and two internal glass stems. Use your cleaning items and change the screens every so often. When the screens are clean they allow vapor to pass through from your botanicals and oils properly without clogging. This also prevents excessive build up which would create a layer of stale material over the fresh stuff. A clogged screen could also cause your device to overheat.

Heating Herbs and Oils

The Ascent only requires 45 seconds to reach optimal temperature. Just think about how long your heavy mod at home takes to get hot. The Ascent is swift and handy but also creates excellent flavor without over-heating herbs and oils.

Power to the People

Batteries are wonderful things. They have allowed consumers to make portable most things that were once tied to a plug. With the rechargeable battery in your Davinci Ascent you only need to plug it in for a couple of hours to enjoy over 3 hours of continuous use. A port is located alongside the vent.

The number of hours a battery lasts tends to be lower if you vape at a high temperature all the time. Your battery is powering digital controls which can be set to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius, an on/off switch, motion sensor timer, and more. Use the last function to set a time after which the Ascent will turn off if left unattended. Choose a vaping session time and the Ascent will turn off automatically.

Compared to the Old Davinci

The biggest advantage of upgrading from a Davinci to the Ascent is battery life. A Davinci loses battery power too quickly, frustrating users who were just getting into a rhythm. At least you could charge and use it simultaneously, thanks to pass-through capacity, but you are better off with a longer-lasting battery.

Overall Impressions of the Davinci Ascent

The Davinci Ascent is a definite improvement on the old Davinci and effectively competes with the Firefly. It looks sleek and professional, less like a walkie-talkie and more like a mobile phone. It comes in more colors than the Firefly so you can customize to match your personality. It has the swivel feature for easy cleaning and filling. This item is discrete and very light.

Some users have discovered problems using oils: they drip and leak if filled to capacity. That can be avoided by under-filling or just using the Ascent as a dry herb vaporizer, but you should not have to compromise. That is a hassle, especially at $249.99 without any herbs included.

As with the Firefly and Davinci, pricing is accessible, just like the devices themselves. Karma Classic and several reputable dealers carry the Ascent online. Just remember to read the instructions before doing anything and inhale slowly for best effect. Videos and website tips will also help you get the best out of your investment.