Davinci Vaporizer

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Since Karma Classic released their Ascent Vaporizer, the original Davinci has been unjustly overshadowed. This handheld device is an entirely different product bearing many worthy features of its own. Although plain by comparison with its beautiful brother, it makes up for lack of glamour by being tough and practical.

Davinci VaporizerSturdy Davinci Vaporizer

Only a few items in the vaporizer market have been drop-tested because not many are constructed from the sort of durable material chosen to sustain a 6-foot fall. Your product will not sustain major damage and the internal portions should be just fine if you accidentally drop the Davinci while climbing a tree, maybe even from a second-storey balcony.

Davinci Practical Features

While many small vaporizers can be regarded as portable in terms of size and weight, the Davinci is also built to be practical for vapers away from home. Space has been left for an internal storage chamber so the user can store three extra amounts of dry herbs. A slot for the tiny stir tool hides it out of the way for bringing along and easily refilling the heating chamber.

Reveal this chamber by flipping the corner below the mouthpiece connection and above a series of vent holes. Hinges connect this flap so it cannot come off and get lost.

Vapor Materials

The Davinci Vaporizer uses herbal blends and essential oils. It comes with two oil cans and has a separate filling chamber for each sort of material. Remember to grind herbs prior to use or storage for vaping later.

Vapor Power

Like most portable vaporizers on the market today, this one is powered by a rechargeable battery. Its Lithium Ion cell lasts for a little under 1 ½ hours according to the manufacturer. Reviews suggest this is one of users’ sore spots. They would have liked a longer-lasting battery, but that is one reason for updating to the Ascent. Heating takes about 90 seconds but you can adjust the temperature digitally. A small, bright screen on the front shows your temperature clearly.

Heating the Davinci

That little battery heats an element made from 304 Stainless Steel, a high-grade metal alloy which conducts heat efficiently. Thanks to quick heat transfer, Karma Classic reports a better flavor than you find when an element is made from low-quality alloys. Users certainly won’t notice any combustion: this is not one of those vaporizer/pipes this industry sometimes produces. The Davinci Ascent is a true vaporizer.

It is also important to note that non-leaded soldering has been employed to connect internal components. This matters because a hot portable device will sometimes heat more than herbs and oils. Structural materials might be vaporized and create fumes as well. If one of those materials was lead, the consumer would be inhaling poison. While it is bad enough to smell or taste plastic or metal in your vapor, neither of these things would raise an alarm the way lead would. Karma Classic points out this feature of their device because some companies are using leaded soldering.

Remember how tough the body of this portable vaporizer is? The Davinci owes its solidity to the application of medical-grade silicone, a material with other benefits. In particular, it withstands high temperatures. This means it is unlikely to create fumes and also that it can be held comfortably without burning your hand.

Package Deal

A bundle bought directly from Karma Classic in green, grey, or black, costs $169.99. If you buy it elsewhere, this is the approximate price you can expect to pay. Bundles from Karma Classic come with 2 oil cans, 3 large and 6 small screens, a cleaning brush, flexi-straw, car charger, accessory pack, and 110- to 240-volt wall charger. The flexi-straw is literally a flexible straw; the part you suck on. Soft material allows it to bend without breaking but also makes it soft in your mouth. Many retailers offer the Davinci, some with the one or more free accessories.

Reviews of the Davinci

Until they were introduced to the Ascent, customers loved the original Davinci. It met almost all of their needs: it has the extra space for storage and re-fills on the road, a rechargeable battery, true vaporization vs. combustion, and digital temperature settings. The digital element is excellent, allowing vapers to achieve accurate values. Requiring 90 seconds to heat doesn’t trouble most people: desktop vaporizers can take 10 minutes. A vented portion prevents overheating which would make even the silicone exterior too hot to hold and potentially turn your vaporizer into a small bomb. A price tag of $170 is easy to swallow compared to $250 for the Ascent, Firefly, or PAX.

The one major fault with this unit is its battery. Several other models will supply 2 or more hours on a single charge. A second reason for rejecting the Davinci is less technical: looks. Although users love how discrete it is, obviously some customers prefer a more elegant or artistic model. Default styles for the Ascent are either classically elegant or fun and modern. Clients can also select patterns and mix them up if they want to. In some versions, the Ascent resembles a cell phone, the bulkier kind from a few years ago.

But even if you find the original dull by comparison, it is easy to use, functional, and well made. It might not win awards or be eye-catching, but it’s an above-average unit for less money than the superstars. In some consumers’ eyes, this is the most winning feature any vaporizer can supply.