Delaware Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Delaware has some good deals to offer customers, with one standing out from the rest. They carry the Smoov starter kit for $59.99: a 510 beginners’ electronic cigarette with two 78mm batteries, 6 cartomizers (blank), an AC adaptor, and a USB charger. It comes in stainless steel, metallic red, metallic blue, black, or analog-style white and tan. They also sell blank cartomizers, five at a time for $10.99. That’s a competitively priced starter kit.

DelawareVapor.comDelaware Vapor Review

Smoov was not the deal of the day at Delaware Vapor, and despite the heading, there was not one listed online during my visit. I guess their regular deals will have to do, but that’s not a bad thing. Prices are fair and the management only sells items they would be confident using themselves.

Take the Smoke Magneto for instance. You pay $49.99 and Smok is a reliable make. A Smok SID is $59.99. Delaware Vapor is definitely within acceptable parameters, and with a physical store (Middleton, Delaware), shipping costs might not even bother you. Just walk in to make your purchase.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer Kits

Those two Smok items are a pair from among several APV kits sold at Delaware Vapor. Others include a Flat Top KTS Telescopic mod for $42.99. Telescopic mods can be adjusted so as to accept different battery sizes, becoming giant e-cigs or compact versions.

If you buy an APV from Delaware Vapor, they also sell parts to go with it: nothing unusual, but everything you will need. These include drip tips, which at this location include long, thin SMBU Tank Filler Drip Tips for $2.99 and slim Stiletto Anodized Aluminum ones for $3.49. Also buy American-made Delrin or acrylic Cherry Vape tips at Delaware Vapor such as their pawn, cannon, universal, and Ming designs.

Fill your Tank

New items on the Delaware Vapor list include tanks: the Kanger MT3S Bottom Coil Clearomizer, for instance, with a viewing window ($6.49). Alternatively, purchase an Innokin iClear 16 DCC ($5.99). Several colors are available and reviews under each listing tell true stories about products.

Delaware Vapes E-Liquid

All Delaware Vapor e-liquid consists of 60% propylene glycol and 40% vegetable glycerin, and is mixed to order. A 12ml bottle, 0 to 24mg, costs $7.49. Try DevScout Mint, Cinnamon Danish, or DimiT (iced tea). Green Tea with Fresh Mint and Melon Champagne are two more refreshing beverage styles. A Krispy Treat resembles Rice Crispie squares.

Flavorz by Joe, while designed by Joe, are mixed onsite at the same ratio for the same price as Delaware Vapes e-liquid in flavors like Grape Pez, Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, and Apple Jacked. “She Said Yes” is reminiscent of wedding cake. Papa Smurf blends blueberries, strawberries, a hint of sugar, and vanilla whipped cream to form Smurfy treat.

While the list is long and encompasses plenty of styles and categories, curious and creative customers can also buy DIY supplies and liquid.