Desert Vapes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The desert can be a cruel place: hot by day, freezing at night. It is home to crawling things that bite and sting, plus thousands of snowbirds willing to risk the creepy crawlies in exchange for warmth.

Arizona is also home to Desert Vapes: a vape shop without any sting. Besides visitors to their shop and region, online visitors are also drawn to the desert. Each dot indicates where an online visitor is located. My small town was labeled, not the nearest major town 100 miles away. Someone else was shopping from Russia.

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Dave and Tish Shackelford have run Desert Vapes in San Tan Valley since 2010, which is long enough to establish a reputation and a strong client base. By now they know what locals want to see. Putting their names behind the company shows that they are willing to stand behind the products they sell.

Their selection includes J-wraps, APVs, Bateries, Biansi products, and interesting drip tips. Their e-liquids come from Halo, Hot Rod, Cherry Vape, and their own USA-made juice. Yes, that is the same “Halo” that makes G6 and Triton e-cigs and “Cherry Vapes” of Drip Tip fame.

Drip Tips and Atomizers

Have you ever seen funny drip tips that look like something hidden in a Kinder Egg? Desert Vapes has them here: a Bunny 510 and the Robot version.

Atomizer manufacturers include Kumiho and SmokTech. Buy a Kumiho RDA for $6.95. $8.95 will get you a SmokTech RDA, or pay $5.95 for the mini.


An APV featured on the site was a VV V3 Spiral, named thus because of spiral grooves etched into the outside. It has a detachable head and comes in Chrome, Stainless, or Black Chrome and costs $36.95 Use it with a 1.5 to 5ohm resistance clearomizer.

Also on the menu are Kamry, Sigelei, and Vision. They have the Innokin Cool Fire II and Innokin MVP V2.0 designer APVs.

Biansi and Ego-K

Biansi Mist batteries are available at 1100mAh, 650mAh, and 900mAh. Try Efest 350s. Embossed eGo-K batteries cost $11.95, more than these others, because they are lovely to look at. Each one is embossed with a design. Patterns are known as Egyptian, Grid, Tech, Rattan, Leopard, Maze, et al. J-Wraps for all sorts of battery sizes beautify plain batteries: $9.50 for the 1000mAh size, for instance. Try a Cute Little Lizard, Rainbow Energy, Color Changing Snake Skin, or the U.S. Flag.

E-Liquids at Desert Vapes

A 10ml bottle costing $5.95 from Desert Vapes can also be purchased in a sample size or 30mls. Flavors include The King: peanut butter and banana sandwich (his favorite). Try Crisp Pear, Chocolate Brownie, or Dust Devil Swirl. This last one blends cinnamon, vanilla, and pecan.