E Cig Arsenal

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The smoker’s secret weapon in his battle against smoking cigarettes is not hypnosis or patches but the e cig, so it is fitting that a company should call itself E Cig Arsenal. This firm sells only USA liquid from Johnson’s Creek and flavoring by Lorann. They run a weekly raffle, give their clients reward points for remaining loyal, and give out quantity discounts as well.

Follow instructions and tutorials online for information about using products. Order anything knowing that shipments cost $4: that is economy USPS. Unless you are in a hurry, this arrangement is preferable to attempting to buy enough goods so that you qualify for free shipping.

ECigArsenal.comE Cig Arsenal Review

E Cig Arsenal is a general retailer of e cig products carrying items by Kanger, Smoktech, Innokin, and more. They carry the H1 Clearomizer for $8.50. A Hello Twins DC is $12.00. The Kanger MT3 Clearomizer is priced $5.75.

Pick up an Innokin iTaste VV v3.0 DC Bundle for $59. That bundle is, essentially, a starter kit. It features a battery, five Ego DC low-resistance Cartomizers, the body, and a USB (choose retractable or non-retractable).

An Ego Mini Traveler Kit comes with two full e-cigs: two batteries and two tanks. You pay $43.

Mods include the Smoktech Telescopic and Innokin SVD VV VW. It is clear that E Cig Arsenal’s weapons of choice are not high-end. They choose items that are affordable yet cover various levels of ability. E Cig Arsenal also elects to sell stuff that they can keep in stock (that is, not limited edition mods that sell out in a week).

Try a Vamo 3 Kit for $75 or the Kanger Protank 2 (not a kit) for $18.75. Prices at E Cig Arsenal are pretty good and they have a lot of selection, including standard items and DIY goods you don’t think about until you need them. Quantity discounts are wonderful.


After making a batch of e-liquid using their DIY supplies, you need a funnel and empty bottles (sold here). Adaptors, pouches, and more are in-stock and priced fairly.

Know your E Cig Supplier

There is a whole list of FAQs to look at on the E Cig Arsenal website, covering the types of questions manufacturers and resellers are used to answering. The other question you will be asking is “who is E Cig Arsenal?” The company comes from New Jersey, so like the e-liquid they sell, they are all-American.