E Cig Hellas

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Straight out of Greece, Ecig Hellas has made its way to the United States. The eliquid vendor is quite well known in many different parts of EU due to their high quality, extremely tasty and well authentic ecig flavors. After gaining a lot of success in the EU, the brand has finally decided to hit America with all its got.

Ecig Hellas has brought about 100 different ecig flavors to choose from. They offer White Label flavors (84 varieties), Red Label flavors (8 varieties) and Black Label flavors (9 varieties). Each of their flavor is made with PG/VG value of 58/36. This ensures that you get a smooth throat hit as well as a very dense flavor. The balance of two of these ingredients makes sure you get the best of both.

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Ecig Hellas flavors have a very unique tint to them. For instance, each of the liquid is made with 5% water and 1% aroma. The aroma adds a real good twist to their flavors because they not only taste great but also smell pretty awesome when you vape on them. If you have ever done sheesha, you will instantly recognize what Ecig Hellas is trying to achieve here.