By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

After the emergence and popularity of e-cigarettes; a rather exciting invention has popped up that is taking young people by storm. The concept of an e-hookah is essentially the same as a regular hookah which uses tobacco and flavored molasses to emit a flavorful vapor. The main thing to remember is that e-hookahs are definitely more sophisticated and expensive and may not suit your needs specifically.

The Ehookah Online Experience

As with most good online retailers, you get good service and customer care and most items are refundable to say the least. There is a large collection of e-hookahs to choose from and they come in all kinds of funky colors. Since the origins of hookah are predominately Indian or Middle Eastern in nature, you will find that the color schemes used in the packaging are very deep, earthy tones.

Some kits to get you started and hopefully addicted are the 4 Smooth Ehookah Pen, 4 Starbuzz Ehookah, and 5 GG Ehookah Pen. The kits are not particularly cheap by any standards and you will have to spend around $30 or more to try out any of their interesting flavors. The flavors that immediately catch the eye and influence the tongue are Ice Mint, Dirty Blonde, Adios, and Magic Dragon and these are flavors to remember.