By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you cannot find anything you like at ECBlend, you are very fussy. Just imagine: it is possible to create your own cup of tea, a malt shop drink of your own devising, or drink Dragon’s Blood. Here is an ECBlend review to get you warmed up.

ecblendflavors.comThe Business

ECBlend, a Medford Oregon business, is accredited with an A-rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their products meet AEMSA standards.

Read articles on the website about e-cig news and new stuff available. All of their juice is blended in the United States. They have three stores, a lot of ways to contact them, and an FAQ page full of articles about juice, tanks, shipping, and e-cigs.

Items do not ship immediately because they have to be blended first. When you receive a bottle, it might not be ready for vaping either. Some need to steep.

As for your order, track it and look at your recently ordered items that have been completed. The site contains info about battery safety and a few items of hardware. Electronics are not what they are big into at ECBlend, but you need hardware to use your juice so they’ve got some at decent prices.

E-Cig Devices

If you are looking for a new e-cig, ECBLend carries the Smoktech SID, Innokin iTaste Express kit, MVP, VTR, or VV. They carry the Smok Mageti Bolt, eVod, an electronic e-liquid shaker (100 to 240 volts), and disposable safety tips. Keep looking back: new items will feature as they take the owners’ fancy.

Mostly they carry the fancier affordable brands, not low-level eGos and definitely not cartomizer kits. Even though they can be used with refillable blank cartos, the best vaping flavor, vapor, and throat hit comes from a better machine paired with good e-liquid.

E-Liquid: the Main Attraction

ECBlend carries over 400 flavors already designed and listed on their site. That does not take into account the numerous ways in which clients can customize all of their juices.

Categories include fruits, coffee and tea, soda and malt shop, Holiday editions, the Dragon Series, floral items, Novelty, sweets, dessert, mint, menthol, Open Bar, and tobacco. There is a section where you will find customer creations too. Novelty choices are primarily savory.

Novelty Liquids

These products are just plain strange, yet who has cornered the market on “normal?” You could pick up sweet potato casserole, pizza, roast beef or chicken, crab legs with lemon butter, black pepper, or bacon. If you are a light eater select tomato soup. Oh yes, there are others and more are sure to be added.

Tea Your Way

Make a cup of tea the way you like it, starting with a base. Choose Earl Grey, black tea, green tea, or Chai. Next, decide if you want sweetener and how much. Many people add honey, lemon, or lime to their cuppa: select one if you wish. Choose nicotine up to 36mg per ml, menthol, a base mix (Vegetable glycerin or Propylene Glycol), and one or two flavors as you desire. This is where fruits and floral elements are handy.

Floral and Fruit

For instance, you have probably heard of hibiscus or jasmine tea. Maybe Neroli (a floral selection with orange and honey blossom flavors) would combine nicely with green tea. Almost any fruit would enhance black or green tea.

Tea is not usually associated with alcohol, but alcohol and fruit go well together. A Blabbur is Bourbon and Blackberry. Try Cinnapear, Coconut Banana, or one of the many other fruits lined up at ECBlend. For alcohol on its own, sip a Gin Joint or a Tom Collins.


Coffee drinkers are usually looking for a decent jolt, but they also appreciate the distinct qualities of particular coffee styles and blends. For discerning individuals there is a Buttered Keoke Rum, Ski Lodge (Amaretto, mocha, cappuccino, and cinnamon), or Kahlua Wizard.


The best flavor is the one that matches your desires as closely as possible. The best malt vape, then, is one you create yourself. Choose sweetener if desired, menthol, the base mix, up to three flavors, and decide if you really want “malt” flavoring. Without it, your “drink” will be more of a smoothie than a type of malt.

Desserts and Sweets

Does your grandmother’s pie taste better than any pie you have ever tasted since that first bite so long ago? If so, you might appreciate the customer creation called Apple Granny. It emulates just such a pie with apple, caramel, and chocolate.

Chocolate Chili honors the latest craze: mixing chocolate with everything. Cheeky Bon Bon is a mixture of pie crust, chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut. Then there are the dragons that own an entire section.

Enter the Dragon

The original Dragon Cream is simply creamy dragon fruit. By adding espresso ECBlend created Dragon’s Brew. Enjoy a Dragon’s Kiss and live to tell about the creamy chocolate cherry blend.

More Details

Not sure what to order for your tank? Read what the top-sellers at ECBlend happen to be. This tells you which flavors hit the mark for a lot of customers and should lead to some helpful reviews. Also, take warning: some products are not safe for your polycarbonate clearo. This will be made clear in the product description. Right away your selection could be narrowed considerably.