By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

ECigSupply is an Arizona company based in Phoenix. Their online sales page is divided simply and clearly into categories like new releases, clearance products, starter kits, vapor liquid, and mods. Vapers will find this is an all-purpose location where they can find various levels of equipment.

ECigsupply.comECigsupply Review

Name brands at ECigsupply include Smoktech, Boge, Joyetech, Kanger, Halo, and Kikwid. This is a comfortable list with which many customers are already familiar. There isn’t much of the fancy stuff in their catalogue, so recommend this site to relatively new or only moderately experienced vaping friends.

Items like the Joyetech eGo-T 901 kit are easy to imagine and you probably have a feel for how much one of these should cost before visiting ECigsupply. The same is true of the Kanger eGo Stardust Clearomizer. Comparing prices is a snap.

Smoktech products include their Pyrex DCT and Terminator, Sidewinder mod, and e-Pipe. The Lotus Vape Case is sold here, something you will not have seen in too many other places. These last two are among the few high-end products at ECigsupply. Every ECigsupply store carries something unusual which catches the eyes of certain shoppers.

Carry cases are inexpensive at $9.95 each. ECigsupply carries a version of the handy portable charging kit from Joyetech called an eCanteen. It works with 510 batteries, costs $18.95 (exceptional price), and is available in several colors. These are too rarely seen on other websites. I’m glad ECigsupply satisfies the need for portable power.

Drip Tips

Almost every shop carries drip tips. Where certain stores stick with basic, even colorless styles, ECigsupply provides a number of options. For instance, there is an Apple Bottom 510/901 version in brushed stainless steel. Opt for products made from Delrin (an insulator commonly used in the e-cig industry), soft rubber, or aluminum.


Zikwid and Halo provide juice on this site. You might be familiar with Halo’s G6 and Triton e-cigs, but their high quality juice is often preferred by consumers who vape with other brands’ tanks.

Boge and Vaper’s Choice are two other e-liquid brands on the site. Boge is better known for blank cartridges, but liquids such as vanilla mint are carried at ECigsupply. Vaper’s Choice carries a Blue series (vegetable glycerin) and a Purple series (a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin blend). One of their flavors here is Snickerdoodle. From Zikwid, try Amber Ale. Halo e-liquids include numerous tobacco styles like Tribeca.


Parts fall under headings such as atomizers, cartridges, and so on. Buy atomizers for your 510 or eGo model. Explore batteries and small parts.

More about ECigsupply

Customers have come to expect that small e-cig companies will run rewards and affiliate programs. ECigsupply says precious little about what it means to be an affiliate with their company, so you’ll have to do some research.