Efox E Cig

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

It will be a long day of researching the worldwide web if you go looking for EFox E Cig information. Theirs appears to be an outdated company from Central Florida which is not competing strongly in the mini cig or beginners’ eGo market either. This EFox E Cig review will provide a bit of information, but I do not have high hopes for the brand.

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Starter Kits from EFox E Cig

As a reader with poor vision, I have to say that tiny font is frustrating, especially when there is lots of text to read and no bullet points. I faced this frustration when reading descriptions of EFox E Cig starter kits.

Why they could not pull out some short lists of what is included in each kit from the miles of other descriptive writing I do not know, but I hope they are paying attention. I would like them better if I didn’t have to squint.

A Basic PCC kit, available in black or white, provides a single rechargeable 900mAh battery, 5 cartomizers, a USB charging cable, 10mls of e-liquid, and the PCC, of course. You pay $59.97. A Basic Kit without the PCC costs $39.97 but contains everything else mentioned above except the liquid: you get 5 pre-filled cartridges instead and an atomizer. A second battery would be nice, but 900mAhs of power will last all day on a charge.

There is an Ego T CE4 Kit with a wall adaptor, USB charger, 1.6ml tank, 320 cycle battery (only one), and Mini Ego zip case. Pay $29.97. Their Ego T Slim Protank for $39.97 is another choice or the PCC Elite Cartomizer Kit for $69.97. Here is the second battery you need plus five cartomizers and 10mls of juice. The Elite Starter without a PCC costs $49.97.

This is all very confusing. Customers like choices: no doubt about it. Starter kits help many people begin vaping successfully in a hassle-free, user-friendly way. EFox E Cig also carries the accessories noted above, including a PCC for $15.97. Adding one to the basic kit would be inexpensive so I wonder why EFox went to the trouble.

E-Liquid from EFox

There is a section for e-liquid, but only two flavors: menthol and tobacco. Five cartridges for their 510 kit cost $14.97. You can also buy pre-filled cartos designed for use with out-dated, 3-piece e-cigs. At EFox, they make a point of reminding users that they can fill their cartos with any juice they like. There are lots of options. A small business like this mainly provides the e-cigs.

Accessories from EFox

A 510 atomizer costs $5.97. Buy a CE4 Clearomizer for $9.97. Carry cases in five colors are priced $9.97. 900mAh batteries come in at $14.97. Although these are reasonable tags, they are inadequate to save EFox from retailers selling 510 devices from Joyetech et al for a lot less, on sites where juice is also available in 100s of varieties.

In EFox E Cig’s Favor

Not everything said about EFox on the internet is bad. For some clients, this is the brand they started vaping with. Their dealings with the company have been positive and they appreciate being cigarette-free. They honor their 6-month guarantee with no-hassle problem solving. Customers who have dealt with them say they are great. The logo of a fox’s tale is cute too.

As their company bio states, electronic cigarettes changed an entire family’s life which is why they birthed the company. Their reason for being here at all is highly personal and a familiar story: vaping saved them from a slow death by smoking.

Personal stories such as the one above are everywhere, though. The trouble is, not many people are chatting about the company online, and that is what you want. Even bad advertising is better than none at all. Controversy provides a platform for discussion and a chance to prove to consumers just how good your product is. I don’t think EFox can outfox other brands as they stand.

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