EGo Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

For all-in-one electronic cigarette shopping, eGo Vape brings you variety, free shipping, and a 3-year warranty. This American company sells many advanced electronic cigarette mods like the Joyetech eVic starter ($100). Online shopping is secure, so make your selections over the internet without moving anything but your fingers across the keyboard. Your savings will be impressive.

Currently they aren’t running any promotions that I am aware of. If you want a nice discount for a vapor store, you can save 12% at Vaporzone, my favorite vaping shop for things like tanks and vapor pens:





eGoVape.comOnline Products

At eGo Vape, they carry some authentic mods and a number of clones. The advantage of clones is that they are often as well-made as originals for a fraction of the cost. Only experienced eyes can see the difference.

Unless there is a problem with your clone or you are duped into buying one for more than you should have paid, consumers have nothing to worry about and often have good things to say in their reviews across the internet.

Products at eGo Vape are labeled as authentic or cloned, and not in any tiny print only fairies can read either. As for their customer service, it’s hard to tell how they rate as they do not appear to be well-known or talked about much.

You could buy a genuine Madz Modz NZonic for $145, or the NZonic GLD LE for the same price. A Trident V2 Clone RDA costs $27; the Hailos Clone RDA is a dollar more. The Nemesis Vape Mod Clone is $49.95. Just imagine what it would cost to buy the real thing: too much, and often for the sake of a label.

The price tag on an ActiVape eGo-T Express Kit is $19.95, or $44.95 on a Twist 2 the Gauge Kit, also by ActiVape. The Chi You Clone Mechanical Mod costs $49.95, but a Zmax Telescopic mod by Sigelei, the real thing, sets you back $120. See the difference? They are different models, of course, but comparing them still demonstrates what a major savings you make buying a clone if it is a well-made one.

How to Shop at eGo Vape

One way to approach your shopping trip is to select items by price. You probably have a budget, or you should anyway. Another way is to look under categories like batteries, liquids, cones, and accessories. This way you uncover things like an Ohm Meter, small, medium, and large carry cases, and other necessary things vapers tend to need or want.

E-Liquid: an eGo Vape Review

ActiVape Pro E-Liquids cost $6 for 10mls. The price is high when you think about what they charge at Vista Vapors and Mt Baker Vapor, but purchase multiple bottles and the cost drops. You could pay as little as $4 per bottle. ActiVape vapor juice falls under headings such as herbs, tobacco, and fruits. Herbs are not vaporizing herbs but flavors of e-liquid.

Under “herbs” they list menthol, vanilla, spearmint, and peppermint. Tobacco selections are Marlboro, Mild Seven, Parliament, and Mint Marlboro. I like this method of naming tobaccos as Marlboro-like, etc. That removes the question of what a variety is supposed to be striving for, whether it succeeds or not.

Fruits are blueberry, blackberry, grape, apple, mango, cherry, pear, plum, lychee (an unusual addition), and others. Listed under fruits you will also find hazelnut and peanut butter, perhaps for lack of enough other flavors to start their own category. ActiVape provides enough choices, but nothing unique (except maybe lychee) and the range does not include sweets or desserts.

Three other offerings are the hot drinks: coffee, cream coffee, and caramel mocha. Enjoy all the pleasure of java without the caffeine or calories. You just can’t omit nicotine. Strengths are 6, 12, and 18mg. That leaves out nic-free users and strong-nicotine lovers, like Marlboro smokers.

E-liquid from ActiVape is USP-grade with a balance of half propylene glycol and half vegetable glycerin for a nice blend of throat hit and vapor production.

Some Details about eGo Vape

This lesser-known e-cig company is based in the City of Industry, California, just east of Los Angeles. It is a division of Titan Imports which specializes in distributing electronic equipment of all kinds, including televisions.

Customers can phone them but live chat is available too and might be faster. Remember that California is on the Pacific Coast. Leave a message for customer service, if your timing and theirs is out of sync, to take advantage of live chat.