By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Head to Utah towns such as Ogden, Layton, Murray, and Boise to discover what each of these spots has in common. All of them possess an ElectroNixStix retail location where you will see the vaping-man logo and find a reasonable selection of vaping products. The environment is designed to be comfortable and unhurried. Play Wii or Xbox, lounge on a sofa, and chat with a staff member about ecigs and life when it’s not too busy.

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There are a few novel items at ElectroNixStix, or things you don’t see everywhere. An example would be their J-Tanks and parts. These include the giants like a 5.5ml or 8ml Fuel Tank, costing $25.99 or $26.99 respectively. The 5.5ml J Tank for $17.99 is a sale price: these are not cheap.

Usually, tanks are made from polycarbonate, and other plastics, maybe Pyrex. The 5ml Delrin and Borosilicate Glass J-Tank is an unusual find at an e-cig shop. Here it costs $26.99.

These might sound like high-priced tanks, and they are dearer than your typical CE4, but that’s because they are sturdy and materials are kinder to the flavor of your e-juice. These are also tanks that can withstand powerful e-liquids that corrode cheap tanks.

Novelty Items

A neat item at ElectroNixStix is their Filla-ma-Jig from J-Tanks for funneling e-liquid into your clearomizer or tank. One of those, a spare tube, and seals are all listed under J-Tanks parts.

HCigar and Other Mods

A number of items carried at ElectoNicStix come from HCigar but are versions of Chi You products. They include the Caravela, Brass MM, and Brass Nemesis. Prices sit around $45.

More mods are the Vamo V3 and V5, Silver Bullet ($84.99), and Innokin CoolFire II ($75.99). A Shortstop Mod Fuse costs $14.99.

Popular Brands

I wondered if a shop selling the Nemesis and Silver Bullet would also carry Joyetech, but they do. The eVic Silver is $75. They carry a Kanger eVod for $40 and iGo by iSmoka for $45. The iTaste MVP VV is about $50.


The Innokin UCan is picking up speed, selling in loads of places at a popular price of $15.99 here at ElectroNicStix. Adaptors, 510 pass-through batteries, and more are lined up because you need those once you become seriously interested in vaping.

It can become a hobby of sorts, especially pursuing the question of which items can be used with other brands, how to combine items with different threading, and exploring the electronic possibilities overall.

ElectroNixStix carries 306, 510, and eCab atomizers plus RBAs and HCigar RBAs. They offer eCab, eGo, Mod, eVod, and 510 batteries plus chargers. Their 2600mAh portable charger is on sale currently for $16.99.


E-Liquids sold at ElectroNixStix come from Mr. Good Vape and The Standard. They sell NicQuid, Buckshot, and High Caliber. Pick up an Adam Bomb variety. Prices, flavors, and bottle sizes vary.


Here is the deal with shipping. ElectroNixStix sends goods out daily at 9am. If your order is received on Tuesday afternoon, it should be on its way to you by the following morning. Domestic shipping is free for orders of $75 or more, but you enjoy priority shipping for $125 orders and better (domestic orders only). When you are on their web page, take time to visit the blog for news about upcoming sales events, but also to explore news about the e-cig world generally.


So you can see there is a wide selection of products, and items appear to be well stocked. ElectroNixStix has not chosen to sell a lot of elusive devices but opted, instead, for high quality, good prices, and available items.