Elevated Vaping

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

You might have to check your bank balance or even your annual average income before visiting Elevated Vaping. They only sell the best of everything. Their mods are high end. E-liquids come from boutique providers. Prices are elevated too, like $255 for a hybrid mod. I was getting vertigo just visiting the site.

elevated-vaping.myshopify.comElevated Vaping Review: All’s Fair Here

It’s not that their prices are unfair or out of whack. Elevated Vaping sells stuff that is well made and costly to stock. So, if the Ignition by Rogue Workx costs $110 and a Brass Chi You is $225, that is because they are genuine articles, not clones, and these are the usual prices. You could drop $255 on a Hybrid F3CTA.

Drip tips are made by Modish Metal Works, Tarks Line, and Versa, etc. You are familiar with ordinary drip tips priced $2.50? Just add a zero and you are in the right ballpark.

Atomizers are the same story. Here you will find a Versa Dripper, Vera Genesis, Immortalizer, Origen, or iHybrid Pure. Of course you will: why buy a $200 mod then try to use a cheap atomizer with it, as if it would be compatible?

Because you are an advanced vaper you need items such as a 20×1 Hybrid Connector and Kanthal Wire. Elevated Vaping has you covered.

E-Liquid at Elevated Vaping

Their juices are sourced from some of the best artisan e-liquid outfits in the United States. These include Nick’s Blissful Brews, Alpha Vape, Space Jam, and Blueprint Vapor: 13 brands in all.

Blueprint Vapor costs $22 for 30mls. Flavors include C.R.E.A.M. and Page Six, a green tea, raspberry, citrus flavor with a creamy texture. From Nick’s Blissful Vapor, there are two types: Apple Cider or Smoked Custard, again for $22.

About Elevated Vaping

This online e-cig business was started by a father and husband who could not stop smoking but wanted to desperately. As a father, he knew it was an important decision. The firm continues to grow as seen by their new and more sophisticated website. Find them on social media. Visit the Elevated Vaping blog for news about their latest juices and sales.

Just do not come to the site if you want a Kanger, Innokin, or Joyetech product, and don’t come looking for tons of stock. This site is very specific. Shipping is free after $75, which as you can see, could be the average order price at Elevated Vaping.