By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you are into finding all the stuff you need to continue vaping consistently from a single dealer, Eliquidplanet could be your place to shop. So many companies carry a small number of items for niche clients, but not Eliquidplanet.

They sell vapor juice, tanks, starter kits, and accessories for intermediate and advanced e-cig clients. Those starter kits are not mini cigs, but the next level up and beyond.


Official Website: http://eliquidplanet.com

Their favorite brands appear to be Smoktech and Innokin, two reliable, affordable, and preferred brands you can trust to perform, but you will also find a few other brands in the lineup. With names like these, good stock levels are to be expected. Customers will generally be satisfied where stock is concerned.

Eliquidplanet.comAn Eliquidplanet Review from Earth

A name like this gives you the wrong impression, suggesting Eliquidplanet sells mainly vapor juice, but the stock is pretty evenly weighted between e-liquid and hardware. They carry several kits from Smok, including the Aro Winder and eGo RBC starter kits. They sell the Smok Majestic II Kit in four colors, each for $49.99.

An Aro VV Winder kit comes with two 900mAh batteries, two Pyrex Aro tanks, a USB charger, and an AC adaptor. Buy some juice to go with it and you are ready to vaporize. Both the iClear and iTaste MVP from Innokin are on their list too.

You will find their prices are affordable and competitive, even though the competition is stiff.

Eliquidplanet has grown to the point that they have customers overseas. They now ship internationally, so you can have their items sent to friends overseas or, if you live overseas, order goods for yourself to be shipped to your address.

Styles of E-Liquid from Eliquidplanet

Eliquidplanet’s signature line is their Essence USA juice, all made in the United States. Every bottle features an exotic image of a tropical locale at sunset. Each 15ml bottle costs $11.99, but you have to add shipping.

This puts it at among the most expensive juices on the market, unfortunately, and you cannot buy smaller formats. Their other juices come in 10ml bottles for $5.99, 15ml for $8.99 or 30ml for $15.99. These include Energy Cow, Black Tea, Pinacolada, Rum, and Whiskey. They make fruit vapes like Banana, Grape, Blackberry, and Melon.

A bottle of Essence vapor liquid comes with a recessed drip tip. Being set back, it is not convenient for dripping without accessories so you will need a dropper top to go with it which Eliquidplanet sells for $1.99 unless you already have one. Lots of DIY juice makers own all the gear for dropping juice into cartos.

Why is Essence special compared to the regular Eliquidplanet vapor liquid? Each bottle is made in an FDA-regulated facility, well-sealed in a glass bottle, is USP-grade and kosher. You get a blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. I’m not sure what this says about their cheaper juice. Categories of e-liquid include Specialties, tobacco, beverages, and fruit.

Varieties of Essence include Astral Anisette, Banana, Clove, Pineapple, Pumpkin Ice, Root Beer, and more. Dark Chocolate is among their most authentic and Mocha Madness is okay, but not great. Strawberry Fields is an excellent vape. Cosmic Coffee is another favorite, which tastes just as the name suggests: like coffee. Only some of the names follow the planetary theme.

I heard a rumor about deep dish pizza vapor juice, but have not seen that confirmed. Maybe it was a joke.

Vapor production is generally great and they are all decent or very good flavors, at least as far as some fans are concerned. I guess they would not be fans otherwise. There has not been a lot of bad press spreading around. One exception is their Bad Apple which, under scrutiny, was pretty bad.

What you do not need is an e-liquid company trying to reinvent the wheel. You want to see products that you have experienced before as a food or drink, as a pre-filled cartridge, or from other vendors.

When all of those are counted up, a few unusual offerings are welcome, like rum and whiskey. The main criterion for a lasting business is that the flavors are authentic or at least enjoyable. Whatever Eliquidplant is doing, they should continue.

Being an international dealer says that their products are in high demand and they can afford to meet extensive orders. Europeans and Australians would not be ordering if there was not something worthwhile here. They have their own e-cig and e-liquid companies.

More about Eliquidplanet

Where is Eliquidplanet located, and is it in this solar system? You will find their head office in Hicksville, New York, plus shops there and in Levittown, New York, with another in Matthews in North Carolina. Unlike intergalactic retailers, they can be reached by phone, snail mail, or email. This is a big business today which started small once upon a time (not that long ago).