By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

EmpireMods gets its name from a telescopic device that resembles a certain famous building on the New York skyline, appropriate since the company comes from Flushing. You can probably guess what that building is, and it is certainly a beautiful piece of patriotism. Unfortunately, the Empire Mod was also sold out when I checked and didn’t look to be available soon. Oh well. That’s not all this EmpireMods review has up its sleeve.

EmpireMods.comMore Brands

EmpireMods sells the Atmistique line, such as their Parthenon, Gemini, Diver, and more. Also among these items are replacement parts for atomizers. This is a boutique brand from Europe, one that is sold by a handful of American companies.

About the Empire Telescopic PV Mod

Even though it is not available right now, the Empire Mod is worth exploring. An Empire Mod is made in the United States. Its lightness can be attributed to the use of aircraft-grade aluminum which is robust in spite of its light weight.

This unit can use batteries from 16340 to 18650 (that’s the beauty of telescopic modifiable e-cigs). Pay $139.99, or try a Smoktech SID for $42.99 (on sale).

Maybe a Vision E-Kross VV E-Pipe will catch your eye for $79.99. The Smok Galileo is $39.99. EmpireMods sells Innokin APVs too. At least, in the absence of the main attraction there will be something to fill the gap.

More Stock

It seems strange that a company selling a high-priced telescopic mod will also carry a $3.99 disposable Hangsen mini ecig, but they do. Disposables are available in 18mg, tobacco or menthol.

RBAs and RDAs include the AGI Dripping and Tank RBA for $34.99 on sale, Titanium RBA Tank (the same price), an IGO-W4 RDA ($16.99), and a 2 Puffs Clear Top Cap for $29.99. Some of this is standard: you can find it elsewhere without too much trouble. That means pricing has to be competitive, which is great for customers.


Vapor Juice is supplied by Roar Vapor, Five Pawns, and Flavorz by Joe. From Roar you will see Baccaccino, a style featuring mocha, hazelnut, cappuccino, and tobacco. They make Hazelnut Cookie, RY4, and Rocky Roads. Buy 10mls for $6.50 in one of several strengths. Like their flagship mod, the juice isn’t cheap.

Other Details

Nor is their shipping arrangement: you have to spend a minimum of $99 to qualify for free shipping. The great thing about shopping at a relatively high-end supplier is that you reach $99 and better fairly quickly, so shipping costs probably won’t be an issue, unless you want the deal of the day or tiny things like drip tips.

Drip tips include some unusual and beautiful items such as glass tips, the Funnel style, and some that resemble light bulbs.

Other accessories such as the Kick and a voltage meter add to your vaping experience. Mod users can get into some complex equipment and their habit becomes a complex hobby.