By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Congratulations to those of you who have made a commitment to stop smoking by vaping instead. Whatever the FDA or government decide about these products, hundreds of testimonies prove that they are better than cigarettes by far. Eonsmoke could be the company you start vaping with.

Eonsmoke.comEonsmoke Review

The logo for Eonsmoke is an E and S in ornate, medieval lettering which is really gorgeous. I love it: so old it’s new. Starter Kits are available in 5 formats: the Smokers Paradise Kit, Economy Kit, Eternity Kit, another Economy Kit, and a Premium Kit.

Starter Kits by Eonsmoke

The Smokers Paradise is probably not the best place to start just because you pay $89.99. That’s great when you have decided you like the flavors and feel of Eonsmoke e-cigs, perhaps after using a disposable ($9.99 in 6 possible flavors), but first you want a basic starter or disposable.

The Economy Kit contains 7 cartridges (two of them 18mg), a wall adaptor, USB charger, and a carry case. There is a single battery in the kit too for $34.99 all tolled.

An Eternity Kit for $24.99 contains a black, white, purple, or blue 650mAh battery (your choice), liquid tank, and USB charger. Eonsmoke is in the right ballpark with their price.

An Economy E-cig Kit contains everything in the other economy package except for 5 of the cartridges, while flavor options are narrowed to 4. You pay $12.95.

To find middle ground, a kit with two batteries and other pieces, the Premium Kit is good value at $49.99. Along with a second battery there are 10 cartridges, the charging set, and for a limited time you receive 5 free cartridges.

Cartridges from Eonsmoke

Their flavor selection is interesting compared to many cigalike brands. They offer grape mint, strawberry, Mojito, mango, plus some relatively familiar flavors (cherry, apple, vanilla, etc.) Tobacco varieties are President (American tobacco), Wrangler, Sands (Middle Eastern), and menthol. Each pack of five cartridges costs $12.99. Buy 15 in a variety pack for $29.99: an excellent deal. Mojito came up at $7.99 for 5: the only pricing anomaly.


There are 31 types of e-liquid at Eonsmoke, including the flavors you have already met. Also on the list are banana, blackberry, and more. Spend $9.95 for 15mls, or don’t: that’s a lot of money. Up until now they have impressed with their pricing ($12.99 is about average for cartomizers). Eonsmoke kindly goes higher than most companies, offering a 30mg nicotine option.

A replacement tank to fill with liquid (if you buy an Eternity Kit) costs $6.49, which isn’t bad.

Price Tags

Just do not be too amazed when you see the slashed “retail” prices next to Eonsmoke prices. Usually, you can buy accessories for far less than what they claim, and less than they sell them for in some instance. Their $11.99 cases can be purchased for $9.99; manual batteries for $12.99 are fine.