By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The ePuffer ecig has received a lot of media attention lately. Some Hollywood stars have been seen using this device or buying one for someone else. The website is full of information too, so it is easy to compile detailed information for an ePuffer review; perhaps too much.

epuffer.comLots of Information

In fact, I would say the website is crowded with details, and I would like to see the site pared down a little. The brand is attached to a Nano, Magnum Snaps, e-cigar, e-pipe, and a Phantom. This means there are several starter kits and accessories to sort through.

Phantom HD

For $79, you can own a Phantom HD starter kit containing a Hybrid Liquamizer (a fancy word for a tank). Two atomizers are included, five replaceable heating elements, two 750mAh batteries with smart LCD function, and five 1.2ml tank cartridges. You also receive a USB charger, wall adaptor, and travel pouch with this intermediate kit.

The LED screen shows when your battery is charging, the mode you are in, and when the device is locked.

A Nano for Beginners

This is a small e-cig also known as a mini cig. A Limited Edition kit contains a PCC, two batteries, 4 cartridges, a power line cable, and the AC2USB adaptor. You pay $69.99, and the PCC is worth paying more for. A Slims kit is just a starter collection in a thin package containing 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, a Universal AC adaptor, and power line cable. The coating is plastic but silky.

Magnum Snaps

Whereas batteries and cartomizers generally screw together, these ones snap in place. You receive a white or black kit for $79, and it comes with two batteries (ash tip with a red LED or a blue one), three sample cartridges, a PCC, and chargers including a car charger. The slightly cheaper version of this kit does not contain those last two pieces and has 5 cartridges for $59.95.

Replacement Cartridges and Vapor Juice

To replace cartridges, look for the Nano or Magnum, costing $8.95 or $11.95 for 5 Variety packs or 6 Nano cartridges for $9.95. Flavors are Mirabella Tobacco, Strawberry, Apple, Sweets and treats, Coffee, Menthol, Cherry, Belgo Tobacco, and Premium Tobacco. The Magnum set also includes a Valerian Relaxant, Vanilla, and Chocolate. E-liquids are $24.95 for 30mls in 20+ flavors.

Impressions of ePuffer

Apart from the website set up, I was impressed by the ePuffer. Their selection of starter kits is straightforward and sensible, each one following a clear formula.