By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

There’s a lot to see at EVCigarettes and, thus, a lot to say in an EVCigarettes review. EVCigarettes opened in 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida. The company seems to have a love affair going on with Chi You and the Russian, but they will not hold it against you if your vaping skills are still only at the eGo level.

EVCigarettes.comProducts for Sale at EVCigarettes

Mod users will be interested to know that they can buy an HCigar, Caravela, or King at EVCigarettes. These are high end mods with prices to match. The Innokin iTaste VTR, sold here for $89.99, can be found for less, but the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 Energy Line Kit, with its designer patterns for $59.99, is hardly anywhere else at all.

Purchase an HCigar Novice if you are not yet confident, or a Sentinel M16 which sounds daring enough.

Also on the list are JoyeTech, SmokTech, UDT, Vamo, and eGo products, so this is not just a mod shop for experienced vapers. ECig starter kits include the Kanger E-Smart. Most of their items appear to be in stock. Email the company if you need help choosing a device you will feel comfortable using.

The Russian has its own section featuring The Russian 91% products plus compatible parts, as well as an ohm meter. Buy a replacement acrylic tank and a rebuildable atomizer. Drip tips include a gorgeous Ligneous Wood Calabash, a Robot Ghoul, Metal Bull, Jade Yeti, and Kitty tips. Their huge and unexpected selection of drip tips features items rarely seen elsewhere, as well as familiar but fun shapes and glorious colors.

Under miscellaneous products, find a JoyeTech eVic replacement battery tube (matte black, matte white, or chrome). Look for clearo tubes to use or replace in an Innokin or Kanger tank. Buy the Chi-You HCigar Four Seasons replacement tube with engraved dragons and cone covers by Riva or Kanger. You will locate chargers, adapters, lanyards, and pouches under this heading as well.

E-Liquid at EVCigarettes

EVCigarettes takes an inclusive approach to vapor liquid. Those individuals budgeting carefully to maintain their vaping habit can buy Dekang and Joyetech liquids where they find the selection is not unusual but is satisfyingly cheap. Individuals with a bit more money and finicky tastes might slide over to Space Jam, Cosmic Fog, or Flavorz by Joe.

With no description of Cosmic Fog juices on the site, it is hard to say much except that it is USA-made liquid, $11.99 for 15mls, and styles include something called Kryptonite. Customers will have to go to another website to find out what that is supposed to taste like. The logo for Cosmic Fog is a cloud wearing sunglasses in a different color for each flavor.

You should be familiar with Dekang by now. Space Jam and Flavorz by Joe are popular e-liquids featured on many websites.

More Onsite

Loads of products are stocked at EVCigarettes, including tiny parts and big devices. Keep an eye out for new products being introduced, such as the latest models of products you already use or have seen. Visit the Clearance section for amazing deals on end-of-the-line items, and stay tuned for limited-time sales.