By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you are looking for jazzy electronic cigarettes that are more about looks than substance, you might be searching for colorful e-cigs or companies that sell multi-colored skins. Vapor Couture comes to mind, but they don’t have the punch that regular mini cigs have (if you can even say that about a mini cig).

Punchy E Cigs

If you are going to refer to any electronic mini cigarette as punchy, it could be the reliable Eversmoke. This Eversmoke review will help you determine if that is true or not and maybe guide you to a decent introductory product. That is important if you plan to take up vaping seriously: meeting with few frustrations and enough positives to get you hooked, away from analogs and into a cleaner, more inclusive habit.

Throat Hit

It is possible your throat will tickle a little or you might even start coughing when you vape on Eversmoke tobacco cartridges. One reviewer formerly smoked strong cigarettes and could handle the strength of Eversmoke tobacco at 2.4%, but throat hit could be too much for the average smoker. Think about starting with a regular or even a low tobacco. It might sound funny, but a single nicotine rating compared between e-cigs might not always come across in the same way if propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin ratios are different.

Take note, though, that you have the option to select as much as 2.4% nicotine. Certain companies reach as high as 1.8% only. A few go higher, but it is rare in the case of pre-filled cartomizers.

Lasting Battery Power

If there is a single common, negative thread connecting every electronic mini cigarette, it is lack of battery life. You can’t change that and still enjoy a cigarette-like feel and look. Cigalikes have to be small or they would resemble cigars, which is fine if you want to vape cigar tobacco. In that case, vapers would look for these products and not mini cigs.

Eversmoke batteries are slightly bigger, admittedly, though not outrageously so. Small-handed vapers who really notice a heavier and wider e-cig might complain unless they got used to it in favor of a longer-lasting battery. This is probably where more vapers stand: in preference of creating more vapor than competitors’ e-cigs and having to recharge batteries less often. Moreover, Eversmoke manages to create thick vapor you can really see. Don’t vape and drive with these ones.

Eversmoke is Tasty

A pre-filled cartridge takes away the mess and bother of filling a tank. A number of companies offer the option to re-fill blank cartridges 5 or more times before having to dispose of them. Eversmoke sticks with pre-filled cartomizers in pina colada, cherry, menthol, three tobacco, peach, coffee, chocolate, peppermint, and vanilla.

The list is bland and could do with some additions any time now. They are certainly the popular choices, at least if you look at other companies and the flavors they carry, but some firms go out of their way to make e-liquid interesting, even for mini cig consumers. Give them less reason to get bored and they will endure with your simple model for longer before switching to a Joyetech eGo and countless varieties of customizable vapor juice.

What about the juice Eversmoke carries now? The verdict is that they are okay, but that is all you can usually say about pre-filled juice. It will never take the place of real cigarettes, but it’s not meant to. E-cig manufacturers do not want to simulate the flavor and aroma of toxins.

For Beginners

Express Kits for $30 provide a starting point for smokers who are dabbling with e-cigs once in a while. They might have tried a disposable version and decided it was time to charge a battery and replace a cartridge just to see what that is like. A kit like this arrives with only two cartridges, a lone battery, and a USB charger

Most customers will start, at the very least, with a Basic Kit. At $49.99, it is better value. There is a wall adaptor as well as the USB and two batteries plus 5 nicotine cartridges. Battery number one is the usual size. A second, long battery provides more power but makes your cigarette longer too. Eversmoke gives you the choice: order automatic batteries or change things up by going for a manual (or one of each).

With the Pro Kit, customers receive a USB cigarette that plugs into any USB port directly, bypassing the need for a battery. They receive a car charger, five more cartridges, AC adaptor, and the other standard items. Eversmoke charges $79.99 for this larger package.

An Ultimate Kit is a bit much for a beginner at $149.99 with a USB cigarette, three batteries, and loads more. Does an early vaper need a lot of equipment and confusion? Not yet, maybe later. The other kits are relatively good value for new vapers.

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