Exhale Vapors

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

From Port Charlotte in Florida comes Exhale Vapors, a company that did not impress me. First impressions are very important and Exhale Vapors does not start off on the right footing. It does not help matters that all I read about the company was awful. They might be open seven days a week, but I wonder what I would find if I visited in person.

First, Exhale Vapors’ Products

Here is what Exhale Vapors carries. They have three mods, 10 clearomizers, 29 accessories, 11 cartomizers, 5 Joyetech products, 12 eGo products, and 142 types of liquid. It is great that they number how many of each item they carry, I will give them that.

As for Joyetech mods, I saw an 18650 device for $59.99. The control unit costs $16.99 on its own. Batteries are $7.99.

Cartomizers include a 6ml DCT for $13.99 in 6 colors, a Boge 510 Horizontal 5 pack for $12.99, and the same but a single for $3.99. A Vivi Nova clearomizer, CE3, CE4, etc., are on the list.

A Joyetech eGo C Atomizer is $14.99. A Kanger MT3 clearo is $12.99.

Batteries at Exhale Vapors

Buy eGo batteries of various values such as 650, 900, and 1100mAh (which are standard sizes). One version comes with an LCD screen so it’s really a VV product, not just an ordinary battery. I wondered sometimes, while exploring the catalogue, if the company understood this business entirely.

Stylish eGo batteries for $21.99 come in assorted patterns like Egyptian, Leopard, and Tribal, all of them black and white. There are also versions with pretty, solid colors, swirls, and flowers: very attractive and feminine.

Prices at Exhale Vapors

I was not blown away by pricing, especially since I did not know many details about what I was looking at. Would that Joyetech model be a kit or just a control head? Usually, Joyetech gives a name to its products (eRoll, eVic, eCab). Which one did they feature here?

Descriptions at Exhale Vapors, or Lack of them

Products that Exhale Vapors carries are not described on the site. For instance, nothing is written up about the 18650 Joyetech Mod mentioned earlier. I am really disappointed whenever a company fails to impart the information I need, requiring that I go offsite to learn more.

While visiting some other site, why would I return to Exhale Vapors? Why not shop somewhere else, such as at a site considerate enough to tell me what I want to know?

Finding out the details would not be that difficult, but I should not have to. Failing to list technical information is not good business, but only one of the many problems at Exhale Vapors.

E-Liquid at Exhale Vapors

It is a good thing that so many e-liquid names are self-explanatory or you could be stabbing in the dark a great deal here. Each bottle costs $4.99 or $5.99, but how much you get for that price is not said. 0, 6, 11, 16, and 24mg of nicotine are available. You can sort products by popularity (their default mode), newness, or price.

Among the most popular flavors are Red Bull, Acai Berry, Butter Cream, and Buttered Popcorn. There is a USA line: Crème de Menthe, Cuban Gold, and more. Wholesale enquiries take you to a different site.

Exhale Vapors Review: Let Customers Do the Talking

Here is an example of what I mean about poor impressions. A few people who ordered products from the company, possibly the same products, had terrible things to report.

Each individual experienced a different problem with his purchase, so he contacted the company. Exhale Vapors did not get back to any of these emails. It is possible those issues were resolved later, but even if they were, how can it be that a single company made the same kind of mistake so many times?

I could understand how such an event would take place once, maybe twice, but three times, and with the same product? And there were other issues too. When details like this arise, a company begins to look shady, even if their intentions are good.

What is the state of play with their other products and customers? They seem to have some kind of following to have come into existence at all, but this is a new business relative to the rest of the firms selling vaping equipment and e-juice, and some forum writers wonder if Exhale Vapors could be prepared to take your money and run.

Who is going to risk a hard earned dollar where there is so little information about the company or its products? Even in Florida alone there are ample opportunities to buy reliable products, the same as listed here, without doubting the quality of products, viability of a business, or its tactics.

But this is a new company. With a few good moves from them, reports could change 180 degrees and Exhale Vapors might survive after all. You also have to be wary of bad press because, like good press, it can be written by competitors with an ulterior motive in mind.