Firefly Vaporizer

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

It’s small but looks bigger when it glows: the Firefly vaporizer is lighting up the vaporizer scene. There are so many reasons to love this little gadget, only one of which is that it truly does shed light through its heating grill, which will warm you on a cold day. While venting heat is a necessary aspect of this feature, the user can see coils glowing, releasing vapor from aromatic materials. Follow this Firefly vaporizer review for a closer look at a small gadget big on details.



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Firefly VaporizerBeautiful Portability

The Firefly is small enough to fit into your closed hand, your pocket, a side pocket of your purse: wherever you wish to slot it for travel and to hide it. It’s not that you are doing anything illegal, but most people don’t know that. As you puff on the mouthpiece, there could be anything inside the compartment you are holding. In your case that might be tobacco. A Firefly provides an alternative way to smoke without exposing materials to a direct flame.

Discretion is just one advantage of buying a portable vaporizer. There is also the convenience of being able to pick your vaporizer up off the counter and stow it as you run out the door. Even if you chose to bring a Volcano or Silver Surfer with you to the beach, it would be heavy and would need to be stored properly in a padded bag to protect it from being bumped and scratched.

Third is the similarity between vaporizing and smoking, at least when compared with using a tabletop vaporizer. The Firefly, like a cigarette, is a light handheld device. Unlike an e cig, the Firefly allows you to vaporize real tobacco.

Heating Chamber Specs

The Firefly uses a glass heating chamber. Someone who has used a device with a heat-proof plastic or metal heating chamber might tell you how heat does not melt the material but releases strange fumes. These could be toxic. At the very least, they add a tinge of metal or plastic to your vapor. Glass is clean and neutral. It will not change the quality of your vapor as it heats up.

Temperature Control

Press the button and wait: your Firefly will start to glow out the sides almost instantly, reaching a maximum temperature of 400F. Vaporize herbs or tobacco to the point where they are very hot but not on fire. To vape at a lower temperature, don’t hold the button down so long.


Replaceable, Rechargeable Power

Inside the Firefly there is a rechargeable battery. Each charge takes about 45 minutes and provides up to 50 inhalations before your next charge. The Pax has a built-in battery, but the Firefly stows a removable one in the back. Simply take off the cover and remove the battery. In this way, you can add a fully charged battery at the same time rather than waiting for the Firefly to heat up.

This also means that when your rechargeable battery finally stops holding its charge, your Firefly can still go on with a brand new one. When the Pax battery dies, your vaporizer is as good as dead.

A Sturdy Build

Although a glass vapor path is fragile, the outer shell is solid; made of aircraft-quality aluminum. The quartz crystal window looks brittle, but it is sturdy enough to withstand high heat. In fact, it gets pretty hot, so do not touch it. Just look through it.

Even though the chance of breaking your Firefly is slim, there is a 5-year warranty on the hardware. That does not apply to an accident like losing the magnetic cover. Those are sold separately for just such an event, but also so you can change the color of your Firefly.

Elegant Looks

Place this device on the table at your local coffee shop while you read the paper. Look around. Does anyone glance at the Firefly with a curious expression, wondering what it is? If so, they are probably wondering how to get a cell phone that looks like yours. The Firefly resembles a mobile communication device. Colors are black, red, and silver and although those sound plain, the finish is glossy and rich-looking.

Learn to Use the Firefly

On the company’s website, they have posted several videos so you can watch how to use the Firefly properly. Read the manual too: customers have found some useful tips in there which were not obvious, even to experienced vapers.

Take off the magnetic cover and locate the chamber. Place your ground materials in that chamber and tamp them lightly before replacing the cover. There is an on/off switch, so press that. Now hold the button. In moments, thanks to the power of convection heating, you are ready to take a slow draw.

Videos show you how to fill and clean the Firefly too. If you prefer to read instructions, contents of instructional videos are posted below them. A mouthpiece is built into the device and does not come off or push in. The metal forms a small, slim beak, not a long straw.

The FAQ Section

Find out more about cleaning, the warranty, and how to get started in a hurry. Your Firefly, for $269.95, comes with picks, a brush, a cloth, charger, cover, and screens. Learn how and why to use them. All the beautiful details of a Firefly are enhanced by keeping it clean, but not too clean. Give it a few days before you pull out the brush.