Fuzion Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Every company’s e liquid is a blend of at least three ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring. Nicotine is added in most instances, while some blenders omit either PG or VG.

A mix of both produces the best balance of throat hit, flavor density, and vapor plumes. Then crafters become artistic, like gourmet chefs. They combine flavors, at times to create layers and at other times to create fusion. Fuzion Vapor offers a little of both.

fuzionvapor.comForty-Six Flavors of Fuzion Vapor E Liquid

Select from 46 flavors of e liquid and a variety of categories. There are fruits, tobacco, menthol, and candies.

A 15ml bottle will cost you $11 and you can select as much as 36mg of tobacco per volume. That high level is not always offered.

Many hand-crafted e liquids are only made with up to 2.4%, even 1.8% or less. 120mls ($55 for plastic, $60 for glass) and 30mls ($15) are also available from Fuzion Vapor.

Nicotine Juices

Here is a small selection of what Fuzion Vapor has to offer. A tempest is a storm, but Dragons Tempest, far from being stormy, combines dragon fruit with natural sweetness. Hadouken blends lemon, lime, and menthol to refresh your senses on a muggy day.

Menthol and fruit blend well together as you can see from recipes for fruit dishes. A sprig of mint is often added for garnish, or infused into a sauce to produce a light dose of freshness. Just the right amount creates a foundation for other flavors. In the case of Vacation, Fuzion Vapor chooses tropical fruits and peppermint.

Gummies do not bleed, but if they did, Gummy Blood would taste like watermelon, lemon-lime, orange, strawberries, and other sweet fruits. In fact, you should taste a lot of fruits as you would when eating a bag of mixed gummy candies. Pause on each inhale and exhale to try and identify each one, the way you would when chewing your candy.

Sour and sweet sensations fuse into a green apple hard candy. A Poison Apple has caused cloudy and cracked tanks in the past. Remember that when you start dripping: acidic flavors made with natural ingredients can do this, and that includes other Fuzion Vapor bottles too.

Krankberry, one of the most popular Fuzion Vapor juices, is another candy style vape. Think of tart cranberry and raspberry candy while you inhale.

Remember James Dean? He was cool a long time ago, and some people still remember him as the guru of cool. The Dean reveals sweet and smooth, earthy and nutty tobacco. Tobacco vape juice resembles cigarette tobacco about as much as Yogi resembles a real Brown Bear, so it could be tastier than you imagine.

If you want to add cooling, click the box where you ask for menthol next to nicotine value and bottle size. It’s the perfect relaxation ingredient.

Prime Liquids by Fuzion Vapor

As if their regular list was not enough, Vuzion Vapor also offers a list of Prime Liquids. Valhalla contains extra vegetable glycerin for additional vapor production. There are six types of vanilla in this blend (more than you might have thought existed), so it is at once reminiscent of all types yet nothing like any of them. Chocolate and cream also make the cut in this combination of a flavor favorite.

A Sugar Munchkin tastes like a peanut butter sugar wafer; one of those delicate cookies that is so light one might be tempted to believe that ten of them equal just two normal cookies.

Fuzion Vapor Labels are irreverent, sometimes amusing, and the attitude is relaxed. In fact, their motto at Fuzion Vapor is “Relax, it’s just vapor.”

Vaping for Charity

Here is something that every company should do if they can (any maybe they do, just quietly.) Fuzion Vapor sets aside one juice each month as a charity juice. Fifty percent of all sales from that flavor of liquid during the month are redirected to a chosen charity for the same month.

In the past and future, these charities have been The Baltimore Bully Crew, Hilltop Assembly of God’s CSP, Alpha/Omega Miracle Home, and Relay for Life. The list is laid out a month in advance and is well spread out to represent many local non-profit organizations. Send the company an email, call them, or drop by in person to ask about the process for getting one’s group onto the list.

Honoring American Bravery

Fuzion Vapor also honors the brave Americans who put their lives on the line to save or protect others daily. Ask about obtaining a discount as a member of the military or as part of an emergency response profession. That means firefighters, paramedics, and policemen and women all qualify for discounts on their juice purchases.

E Cig Industry Gimmicks

They are not doing anything new at Fuzion Vapor by selling clothing. Their shirts, however, do not feature their best labels, just the Fuzion Vapor logo. I wonder if anyone has asked them to print shirts with particular characters or pictures on them from their two juice lines. Men and women can purchase hoodies and shirts as well as mod holders. These are just simple necklaces, not bling.

Doing Business

Find Vuzion Vapor in Saint Johns Florida next to Dunkin Donuts. Here they run a store from Monday to Sunday. Office hours run by the regular Monday to Friday clock. Those are the hours during which to enquire about buying juices wholesale and becoming a distributor. A map on their website shows where the nearest distributor is located.

You can also become an online customer. Fuzion Vapor sells their bottles of liquid to clients around the country, so do not fret if Saint Johns Florida is hundreds of miles away. In fact, do what they tell you to do at Fuzion Vapor: just relax.