G Pen

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

In the United States, vaporizer pens are a huge hit. They satisfy several needs at one time as an alternative to smoking; a discrete and portable, rechargeable, wireless item. These pens are inexpensive to own, low-maintenance, easy to operate, and surprisingly versatile. Some problems beset vapor pens, but users of the best items in this class experience few negatives and lots of positives. The G Pen by Grenco Science is one of the top models in this category, whether you vape e liquid, herbs, or essential oils.

G PensSeveral Models, One Name

The G Pen is really a number of items, all of them working with a similar type of battery but different cartridges.

A series of black pens make up their original line. Items sold to raise money for charities are uniquely designed, while the Artist Series represents popular visual and musical artists.

A white Jag and the Snoop Dogg are more expensive than black G Pens, designed as they are to honor cultural figures, but they work the way all G Pens operate, heating rapidly and requiring little effort.

Essential Oils and More

American company Grenco Science launched the very first tanks for essential oil. This material is heated using a coil powered by an eGo style battery. It is still a G Pen, but one cannot swap the cartridge for an herbal one.

Herbal G Pens look much the same but cost a little more. Hookah G Pens are the cheapest of these three. In every case, the difference is which materials will be heated in the atomized chamber. Prices range from $59.95 to $79.95 when you shop at Grenco Science, but several businesses have started selling these products outside of the Grenco Science website.

Pretty Presentation

Each device arrives in a black box with a magnetic lid. It is as though Grenco Science packages their devices as gifts, which is perfect if that is their purpose. Buy one for yourself and you will still feel spoiled.

Inside that box you find one battery and a tank, a charger and adapter, cleaning supplies, and a sleeve for the glass tube. With this over your cartridge, only a viewing window remains to peak in and determine how much of a material remains. No one passing by and glancing casually at your pen would be able to see the contents of your tube.

If it sounds obvious that instructions should be supplied as they are here, guess again. There are numerous consumers currently using vaping equipment for which they were given no instructions; no operation manuals. Sometimes a company does not think of this one small step; some post info online directly instead.

Grenco Science does both: sending a manual out with their gear and also hosting videos on the Grenco Science website. As you probably know, consumers learn best in a variety of ways. For some, the videos are invaluable. The G Pen for Essential Oils comes with two glass containers. A Hookah arrives accompanied by 3 e-juice containers.

MicroG PenMini Micro G

The G Pen is small enough to tuck into a pocket and hide away as necessary. It can even be turned off for safety. But really small versions of G Pens for oils, liquids, and herbs are Micro G pens.

Each version comes with 2 each of coils, mouthpieces, cleaning tips and batteries, a keychain with a filler tool, and 2 containers made of glass. These contents amount to 2 complete electronic devices. The batteries are too small to last the way a G Pen battery lasts, but there are two so one can be on charge.

Details of the G Pen

Four hundred puffs are what you are supposed to get from a vaping session on a full charge when using a G Pen. That’s a lengthy session or several sessions at intervals throughout the day. The only way to affect temperature is by timing how long to depress the button for.

The outside is sturdy, made from stainless steel, but still surprisingly light. Tanks made from glass prevent imparting impurities into liquid or herbs. American vapers love the simplicity and classiness of these devices and are especially fond of a Snoop Dogg G Pen designed to mark his partnership with Grenco Science. It’s blue with a map of Long Beach, where he hangs out in California.

Go to the Grenco Science website for spares and extras like apparel, key chains and tools, new batteries, tanks, and chargers. Hardware is priced competitively.

Rating the G Pen

Editors of vaping websites are also impressed with the G Pen. It’s not perfect. Any device of this kind is hampered by the proximity of coil and materials which can cause combustion. Lacking room to separate them, the user must time how long he holds the button with great care to avoid lighting his herbs like a cigarette. But overall, at least one if not two or three G Pens often wind up in the top ten of vape pens.

What else can you find in the top ten? Often the Omicron gets onto this list. Atmos pens do well. The new coils on Cloud Pens have improved their function quite a bit. Trippy Stix aren’t bad either.

Perhaps the biggest competition G Pens face comes from 3-in-1 devices that can vape herb, e-juice and wax like a V2 Pro Series 3 (and new Series 7 and 9 coming shortly). There’s a good chance, though, that if a consumer weighed his options he would choose a G Pen or a bigger portable device like the Firefly, Pax, or Davinci Ascent. In the market for vape pens, Grenco Science holds their own.