Good Life Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

With a mod in your hand and plumes of vapor coming from your mouth, life is good. You enjoy the pleasures of a warm, relaxing cigarette but without the elements that cause a pang in your conscience and make your doctor shake her finger at you.

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GoodLifeVaporClosedSundayPeople like to be around you when you vape and after you have just vaped. As a smoker, it was common to enjoy a large amount of personal space because you stunk.

I love little details like this:

Good Life’s site shows this message here on Sundays, it shows a little swagger IMO and creates a bit of interest.


Your second-hand smoke made non-smokers nervous. Mom told you to smoke outside, so you missed a lot of family conversations and during Fathers Day card games someone always peaked at your poker hand if you had to head outside and light up.

That was not the good life, but things have changed since you started firing up your APV with e liquid instead.

Good Life Vapor Review

Now no one can look at your cards, steal chips out of your bowl, or sneak a sip of your beer because with a vaping pen you sit right there and vape during the entire game. The family loves how it smells and even non-smokers sometimes think about taking up e-cigs. Maybe the vapor juice in your pen or mod comes from Good Life Vapor where they have created three series of juices and a lot of flavors.

Pain KillaSeries by Good Life Vapor

Their three series are the Nebbia Collection, Signature Blends, and The Virtu Line.

This last one takes on names which are anything but virtuous. Signature Blends are the regular styles of liquids.

Nebbia juices are fronted by an image of standing stones emerging from heavy mist in the pale light of dusk; as though this is a collection of art or antiques instead of vapor juice; or a place where reality and fantasy meet eerily.

Nebbia Collection e Liquids

There are just seven nicotine juices under this heading. They are Decadence, High Five, Kustard, Lucky #7, Orange Blossom, Red Berry Dream, and Southern Shine.

Decadence is smooth butterscotch cream: pretty simple. Pull apart the layers of bourbon, vanilla, and natural oak tobacco in a High Five. If you like candied and real bananas, the number 7 really is lucky. Southern Shine appears to combine moonshine and apples.

Deadly SinSignature Flavors

We could be here all day looking at Good Life Vapes Signtaure flavors, but start with 9 2 5: a pick-me-up java e liquid.

Atom Bomb blends raspberry and apple and is fronted by the picture of an atomic cloud colored and shaped like an evil clown.

Clowns scared me enough already, but I will never forget those fake red curls becoming curly clouds of atomic dust.

Puff the vapors from juice reminiscent of a Baja Breeze. Try Bangkok Dangerous (pipe tobacco) or a Beach Bonfire.

Maybe you would prefer El Kamino — their best seller — which combines sweet tobacco with graham crackers and cocoa. A Black Fairy isn’t all bad if you love Absinthe and Blackberry.

Deadly Sin is thus named because descriptions lead to a rabbit trail: cookies and other treats; several sweet flavors. In spite of this uncertain mix, the result is enjoyable and decadent.

Steep this one for a while if you want the tobacco to emerge strongly. Usually, liquids by Good Life Vapors arrive ready to vape without the need to steep. Steeping only changes their profiles and colors.

The Virtu Line

As noted above, some of these flavors are named for naughty ideas, like Panty Dropper and Breathless Mahoney. Is that last one (a watermelon juice) the guy who breathes down a telephone line without saying anything, usually at 2 a.m.? Enjoy the summery, light combination of melon, pineapple, and mint from Sweet Criminal (a James Bond type of guy, a bit naughty, a bit nice).

All in All

Every one of these liquids costs $6 for a 10ml bottle. 100 milliliter bottles are available as well. Select 0-2.4% nicotine. E liquids from the Nebbia collection contain extra vegetable glycerin which explains that misty image mentioned above. They are likely designed for dripping atomizers.

Buy Sample Packs

The thing is, sometimes a single bottle of one flavor does not cut it and you wish there was some way to pay less per/ml but buy more flavors at the same time. Your quest takes you to sample packs in 100ml, 10ml, 30ml, and 50ml bottle sizes. Choose four 50ml juices for $75 and select whatever flavors you like from the Signature Line. Choose to add color or menthol to any of these or not as preferred.

The PG/VG ratio is chosen by Good Life Vapor according to what they think goes well with a particular mix of flavors, and they should know. Really: just let them do their thing. Allow three days for orders to be processed.

GoodLifeVapor.comThe Good Life Vapor Website

Lots of information is listed on their site except where Good Life Vapor is from.

Without a phone number even reverse lookup was impossible. If you want to get in touch it will be as a distributor or via their online customer contact form.

This is not impressive. An “About Us” is always welcome, even if it just tells customers about business hours and the company’s mailing address.

Still, the site gives you links to their Facebook page, lets you sign up for a newsletter, and provides a place to learn updates from the company (pretty much the same as a newsletter).