Good Prophets

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Akron, Philadelphia, brings vapers Good Prophets, a company specializing in not specializing. In other words, they sell to the general e-cig market (except first-timers who want analog-like ecigs). Their audience uses intermediate e-cigs and mods and includes consumers who rebuild their devices independently.

GoodProphets.comGood Prophets Review: Brand Name Confidence

Brands at Good Prophets such as Kanger, Vision, and Joyetech are well known to the vaping community at large. VapoRite is less familiar, but Innokin should ring a bell. These are affordable units available for multiple skill levels, so you could conceivably start with Joyetech and continue with this brand for your whole vaping career.

Modifiable Electronic Devices

Mods such as the Innokin Cool Fire VW 18350, iTaste VTR Kit, and iTaste VV V3.0 are all carried at prices you will like. They are favored by eGo graduates looking for the option to control voltage and wattage to personalize their experience.

The VapeOnly vMecha (great play on words) works with 18350/18500/18650 batteries and costs $39.99. The Vamo VV Mod V2 for $59.99 is a great price, while the Mechanical Mod Vision Blade is $27.99.

The Joye eVic is listed, but its control head is out of stock. You won’t find that out until you get to the exact listing (after working through two categories first) which I don’t like. Lots of companies make it clear from the start, so it’s possible to make this change. Good Prophets carries the eRoll, however, plus parts specifically for that model.

Glass tanks from VapeOnly cost $14.99. The Kanger UniTank is $18.99. Purchase a Protank 2 BCC for $13.99 or the mini for a dollar less. A Clear/Vivi Nova Tank comes in at $11.99. Star ratings from customers tell you exactly what they think of products for better or worse so you do not have to go far to read the truth.

Modding Gear

If you use a mod, it is probable you will eventually want to replace small pieces, not get rid of the item when little things stop working. Replace LED bulbs, regulators, buttons, switches, resistors, and buy tools at Good Prophets. Keep your expensive mod working until you get tired of it.

Vapor Juice at Good Prophets

Good Prophets does not appear to make its own liquids. They sell Joyetech e-liquid, 30mls at a time for $14.99. Hangsen liquid in 10ml bottles cost $2.99. It’s all cheap stuff and this setup allows you to buy bulk or smaller bottles for use or mixing. DIY bases and flavorings sold on the site help you get on with your lab experiments.