By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

It is always nice for a vaper to find an e liquid supplier that pays attention to where their ingredients come from and insists on using only the highest quality extracts. Most companies do not post the origins of their ingredients, probably because they aren’t as proud of those as they are of the price they can sell e juice for.

They can’t say that their vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol is USP, that they use FEMA/GRAS flavorings, or that they know where their nicotine comes from, so they say nothing at all. GoodeJuice e liquid is not well-priced across the board but they make three different collections, and you can be sure of knowing where it all comes from.

GoodeJuice.comGoodeJuice Review: Good Juice

E Juice by GoodeJuice is made under the supervision of a world-class chemist in an FDA-approved lab. Again, when companies do not tell you where they make their e liquid, you have to wonder how professional their set up is.

GoodeJuice flavorings and suspensions are FEMA/GRAS-approved. Tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from tobacco leaves grown around the world, so they are not always USA-grown. But leaves are carefully chosen and these juices are USA-made.

Juice Flavors

One such e liquid is the Godfather Cigar flavor containing naturally extracted (NET) Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Ecuadorian tobaccos. You can have as much as 32 mg of nicotine in Godfather e juice.

The USA Lab Made selection contains 8 flavors. Two of their Menthols are Bull Durham (full-flavored), and Strawberry Chill. You have the M-Type Lite, Full Throttle (like full-flavored Kings), and High Octane (powerful stuff, unfiltered). Choose up to 2.6% nicotine.

From the NET line there is Analog, real Perique (not fake, and they stress that no other Perique e juice is authentic), Apple Cured, and Acadian. Those are a handful out of 15 styles. The Premium Line contains 54 flavors like Bavarian Cream, Cinnamon, Tootsy Roll, Kryptonite (no description except to say there are five flavors, probably green), and Uva Fragola. The last one combines strawberry and grape.

The 8 USA Lab Made flavors cost $2.99 for each 3-ml bottle. Although a value of zero nicotine is indicated, further reading indicates that there cannot be such a thing as a naturally-extracted tobacco e juice containing absolutely no nicotine. Other flavors cost $5.99 for 10 ml and $13.99 for 30 ml. You do not pay more to receive the highest level of nicotine, something that sometimes affects the price of e liquid elsewhere.

Overall, you would have to say these could be more expensive considering the care with which ingredients are chosen and the professionalism with which they are made. GoodeJuice understandably finds itself on several lists of top American e liquid companies. Reviews for their products support claims that this is good juice indeed.

GoodeJuice also carries e liquids by JoyeTech, Evo, Dekang, Hangsen, 02, and eHookah USA.

GoodeJuice starter kitsSome of the Hardware at GoodeJuice

Not satisfied to supply only e liquid, GoodeJuice also carries hardware and offers free shipping once a customer’s bill totals $75 or more. Their Evod 2-battery starter kit contains two 1.6-ml clearomizers, a charging kit, and 5 bottom coil heads for $59.99. A 650-mAh CE5/Evod blister kit is $9.99.

E cigs with 808 threading are 280 mAh with a clearomizer and charger. To get the 2-battery set costs $34.99 (these are Kanger 808 batteries). The set also contains 6 empty cartomizers. While the 280-mAh 1-battery kit fits with a clearomizer, cartomizers are designed to look more like cigarettes.

Customers should be reassured that these are brand-name items, not generic clones of Kanger products. When you are a new vaper, it is very frustrating to turn on an e cig, or think you are turning it on, only to find it was made from cheap materials and doesn’t actually work. You can return it or exchange it, but the hassle makes a lot of consumers feel like vaping just isn’t worth the effort.

You might still encounter problems with batteries bought from GoodeJuice, but it’s less likely to happen with a Kanger product.

More Powerful Equipment

You can purchase an E-LVT mod for $99.99. This is the shockproof, waterproof mod you might have heard of with a built-in flashlight. They’ve got the Innokin SVD for $64.99 and a Sigelei 100W box mod for $119.99. The Sigelei 30W is $89.99. Buy clearomizers, pass-through batteries, drip tips, and cartomizers to round out your selection of parts and accessories.

Purchase Mechanical Mods

Once you leave electronic mods behind, you wind up with mechanical mods that use batteries but do not have any built-in short circuit protection, LED battery light indicators, or LCD screen. They can’t offer wattage memory, but they are designed to be manually adjusted to the preferences of the user. The Nemesis clone for $39.99 is an excellent price and very similar to the real thing. A Sigelei Bagua is just $14.99. Pay $59.99 for a Spyrax Hybrid or $39.99 for the SmokTech Magneto.

Impressive Prices

I do not know how GoodeJuice, based in Minooka, Illinois, manages to be so generous with their prices when it also seems they put a lot of effort and good taste into creating excellent e liquid. I could well imagine their produce selection being much smaller than this or their prices being higher with a small amount of stock, but that is not the case. GoodeJuice proves that e cig companies can offer the best of both worlds: quality e juice and quality hardware at low prices.

The one area they lack much time for is the mechanical mod/rebuildable department. This is not a criticism: lots of other firms take pride in selling authentic Pinoy mods and USA-made devices. Let them look after the high-end stuff. GoodeJuice’s selection is well-rounded, attractive to a big audience, and generally affordable.