By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If a website could ever be described as having ADHD, the GotSmok site would qualify. It is a hyper site, not especially user-friendly, but worth visiting anyway. You will come here because they have deals going on all the time: that is what they are about. Check dates though: a sale might no longer be running by the time you see it.

GotSmok.comGotSmok Review

When you visit GotSmok, take time to become oriented. The business lists items in several ways. One is by the type of product you are looking for. Another is by the price you are hoping to pay. Also, check out products made in China or the United States.

What You Will Find

So, you could look under ‘Clearomizers,’ where the Kanger Protank 3 DCC was recently listed for $9.90. A Brass Kraken RBA from Vicious Ant was listed for $150.

A Hurricane Vapor UniPack comes with two 30ml bottles of Hurricane Storm Juice and a Kanger Unitank. You pay $35.98.

Some of the products are low-level ecigs like a 300mAh ESmart starter kit for $28.46. It comes with two batteries, two clearomizers, a USB cable, an AC adaptor, and shipping is free. Whether it impresses customers or not, this is an outstanding price.

The Gold Trident Clone is $6.58. A Smok 900mAh eGo RBC starter kit is $12.95 in a blister pack with a tank, battery, and USB cord. As you can see, the policy here is to list deals.

You can buy virtually anything related to vaping at GotSmok: it’s a site dedicated to advertising companies and listing coupon codes, giveaways, etc. It is not a site interested in promoting any particular company or style of vaping: whatever is on sale comes up here. You can bet that will not include Greek models, but even on sale they’re too high-end.

What customers will find are products from JoyeTech, Kanger, Boge, Vision, and those other familiar, affordable brands, plus tons of advertising.