Green Smart Living

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Can you guess what is being sold by Green Smart Living? Theirs is a brand of electronic cigarette, marketed as a smart choice for the environment. If you need the motivation to quit smoking, read this statistic from Green Smart Living.

GreenSmartLiving.comAccording to their claims, 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are created annually. These aren’t biodegradable, thus they sit around leaching poison into landfills day in, day out. If you want to protect planet earth but cannot quit smoking, Green Smart Living is promoted as an optimal choice.

They were formed in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2010. Currently they are expanding, thanks to the premise behind their advertising.

Green Smoke does the same, and you get the message from a lot of other companies too. It is too early to say if they will be able to cut into any of Green Smoke’s profits, especially since the company is keeping things fairly simply. They only offer one starter kit, no extra batteries or disposables, and a general sense that these are just the early days for Green Smart Living.

My Green Smart Living review revealed that the one starter kit contains one rechargeable battery, two cartomizers, a USB charger, and no box. It is a blister pack for $22.99. That is a reasonable price except with nowhere to put stuff (not that there’s a lot of stuff to put anywhere).

When you are done with these products, do you have to buy another starter kit with another USB charger? Well, not exactly. They do have refills in strawberry, vanilla, clove, acai berry, peach, regular, and menthol.

Five-packs only come with 18mg of nicotine per 1ml of juice. They cost $13.95. Packs are rounded at opposite corners for an unusual and memorable shape, but I’m not excited about the price, and where is the section for new batteries? I think I’m meant to use any battery that is threaded the same.