Halo Cigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Halo products seem to wear a, well, halo. Other companies produce nice electronic cigarettes, but often they struggle to compare with this attractive brand. Read this Halo e cig review to determine what is great about the make and what could be better.

Halo CigsTwo Pros

One primary point about Halo is their pricing. Instead of creating several themed kits for couples or absolute beginners, they skip to a single kit with the basics for each of their two models. Each one is priced to sell.

You will see many products packaged in boxes with magnetic lids. Some arrive in flimsy cardboard. Many reach your door looking like cigarette cartons, but a G6 case is different. Inside the initial box is a tin. It is round and awkward, so it will not fit inside your purse, but a carry case comes with your kit for more discrete storage. It’s a hinged box by the way: impressive and unique.

A G6 Starter Kit from Halo Cigs

The G6 is Halo’s mini cig bearing the same sort of weight, length, and diameter as a traditional cigarette. The big difference between a G6 and an analog is color. No effort has been made to disguise a Halo mini cig as a real cigarette. The battery colors are all wrong, but for you they could be absolutely right.

Choose from 9 of them, every single shade metallic and shiny. Black cartridges are coated for comfort, but if you order blanks with your starter kit, there is a tan option for greater authenticity. Only the black battery will be relatively stealthy to carry around. With such an array of hues to select from, men and women will find something suitable.

Pay $44.99 for this kit which is an excellent price. Each one comes with two batteries, 5 pre-filled or blank cartridges, a case, wall adaptor, and a USB charger. The cartridge choices all come in 6mg to 24mg with no zero-nicotine choice, which is slightly disappointing, but not for beginners. They won’t be using pre-filled cartridges for long anyway, not with the option to re-fill blanks which is much cheaper and less wasteful.

Pre-filled flavors are Torque, Prime 15, HX3, Turkish Tobacco, Tribeca (all of these are tobacco styles), Menthol Ice, SubZero, Malibu, and Belgian Cocoa.

What you will not like about Halo is that batteries fail to last as long as they should. Almost any competitors’ batteries will hold out for longer, whether pitted against the 65mm or 78mm; the manual or the automatic. At least, Halo gives you that choice of sizes and automatic or manual, but they will need to do some work on their batteries in the near future.

A Triton Starter Kit

Triton is Halo’s next level of electronic cigarette; the version that receives the most consistently positive reviews for battery power and performance. When newer versions are made, I wonder if they will add variable voltage to their standard batteries, which is the only thing missing, but they have created a spinner with a dial at the bottom to provide this feature. They are available separately.

Just one type of starter kit has been put together for the Triton in 11 possible colors, including a gorgeous iridescent battery and a rich Mocha. Two tanks, two batteries, a cone to add even greater symmetry (especially if a tank and battery are mismatched), USB charger, wall adaptor, and a carry case cost $64.99 as a package. Although batteries are 400 and/or 650mAh (your choice), a couple of other sizes are available amid accessories.

E-Liquid from Halo E Cig

Customers like Halo juice so much that if they prefer another brand of electronic cig, many stick with Halo vapor liquid to fill their tanks. You can be fairly confident that if their flavors work in Halo tanks, they are probably safe for other tanks too.

You have already encountered 555, Tribeca, Belgian Chocolate, and Turkish Tobacco among the cartridges. Extra e-liquid flavors include Midnight Apple and Voodoo, a popular and spicy tobacco. You will not find cinnamon candies, Belgian waffles, gummy bears, or marshmallow at the table with Halo. Their focus is sophisticated flavors, especially tobacco.

A Sour Note

The batteries dying too quickly are not the only sour point with Halo E Cigs. There is also the issue of refilling blank cartridges and tanks. According to some consumers, you could find yourself making a wet mess and making up new bad words. Not only will you have to clean up, but that means you have wasted some precious juice.

Some Accessories

Most of the time you will think of e-tailers selling electronic cigarettes when you want accessories or spare parts for your e-cigs, but Halo carries quite a few too. They will always be compatible with Halo products, which is an advantage, but prices are often more competitive elsewhere. Just see what works with your Halo equipment by trying friends’ tanks and batteries together with Halo tanks and batteries. If they work without trouble, then you could save some cash.

So what do you really need? You have to own a PCC, especially when you plan to be away from home or the workplace for several hours consistently. With Halo batteries in particular, you need this extra source of wireless power.

Heavy vapers using a Triton could consider buying larger batteries for their unit. They are designed with LED lights that match their color. You do not necessarily need an e-cig necklace, but Halo sells them in three varieties.

Chargers lose their power after a while, but they should last for a few months. Then again if you vape in multiple locations, it would be handy to own an extra USB charger. The batteries are a must: you start with two, of course, and they will charge many times, but replacements will be required within half a year or less.

Closing Thoughts

If style was the only thing that mattered, Halo would beat all of the competition. There are many positives to their brand, but watch for upcoming changes that make their line even more dangerous to the competitors.

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