Hoosier E Cig

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Hoosier E Cig is your Indiana one-stop e cig online shopping center. Their Greensburg Indiana shop is open Monday to Saturday with a day off for good behavior, but if Sunday is when you do your shopping, hit the net. They have liquid, top-selling Chinese products, and more.

HoosierECig.comAll Your Vapor Liquid

Hoosier juices come from Dekang, NicQuid, and Baker White. A Hoosier E Cig review is really a review of these products and others, except where customer service is concerned.

In the case of Dekang you pay $3.99 for 10mls of popular flavors, more than 40. Theirs are general, familiar tastes available at most places under different names. Select Teaberry, Virginia Slims, Tiger Blood (strawberries and cream) Dragon Blood with dragon fruit), Cheesecake, Pall Mall, etc.

Baker White sells a 6ml bottle here for $3.99 which I am afraid is pretty expensive, gut the name is going to win some clients over, whether for the short term or the duration. If you were thinking of the Baker White company that makes white, milk, and dark chocolate for home bakers, you will have an idea of their style. Go for Ambrosia or Butter Bomb, either one a rich departure from the norm.

Select a top-seller, featured product, or visit the product index for detailed direction. Select a brand you are familiar with such as Kanger, SmokTech, or Trippy Tips. Go to Overstock, Close-out, or Sales for great prices. Choose kits, mods, clearomizers, etc. You can get through most stages of your vaping experience right here.

A Starter Package: Good Deals

Here is a decent deal: the V2 1100mAh KGo Kit for $43.99. A V3 Evod KGo with 1300mAh batteries is $45.99. The HEC Smok Brilliance is a Variable Voltage Kit which, according to Hoosier, is of their design but made by SmokTech. This elegant beauty costs $35.99 on sale. Reviews below each item give you insight into the qualities of a product if they have been reviewed thus far.

Tanks, Accessories, and So On

Select a KGo pass-through: $23.99 on sale. Choose one of 39 items under Clearomizer Tanks like the eGo adapter. Replacement tubes for Vision Mega Nova Tank 3.5ml are $1.99. Kanger Evod and Innokin iClear (30 and 16) are here. Choose tanks from the designer “Energy Line.”

Mods and Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Electronic cigarette users do not fall into any particular categories and their trajectory is not predictable. Some of them will leave electronic cigarettes early on, before even starting with eGos. Many elect to try eGos and APVs. A number of consumers will stop here or select mods manufactured en masse, which makes them available and affordable.

High-end, $200 mods are made in small batches that are snapped up as soon as they are released, leaving many consumers frustrated. Not so with Smok and Innokin.

This is where Hoosier E Cig stops: with affordable, brand name mods that are seldom out of stock for long. They include a SmokTech ZMax VV/VW (variable voltage and wattage), SmokTech SID, and that same manufacturer’s Rebuildable Telescopic Mod. A telescopic mod adjusts to different lengths so you can use different sizes of battery and receive more power or enjoy a compact mod.

Accessories at Hoosier

You could require a ZMax lens and a new button. The Kick by Smoktech gives your device extra power and is about half the price of an Evolv version. Choose a Silicone eGo Stand to hold up your electronic cigarette. They are cheap and colorful. A carto hole-puncher handles cartomizers that do not come pre-punched or just buy them pre-punched in packs of five.

Buy yourself (or someone you think deserves such a fine gift) a leather case for her Innokin iTaste MVP or VTR. If she’s really worth it, buy her the device to go in it too.

Impressions from a Hoosier E Cig Review

There are some great prices at Hoosier E Cig if you keep watching and paying attention. Don’t just visit every month. Keep any eye on the page every fortnight. Sign up for email alerts and join Facebook. These are two more ways to learn about short-term sales.

The list of sales, features, overstock, and clear-out items is constantly changing. Do not forget to check these pages occasionally if you use the brands noted above.